Dr. Rassoul Meets A Number of Non-resident Ambassadors

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Sunday May 5, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Zalmai Rassoul met with a number of Non-resident Ambassadors to Afghanistan in Kabul this afternoon.
Dr. Rassoul provided the Non-resident Ambassadors of Argentina, Qatar, Vietnam, Nepal, Nigeria, and Azerbaijan with information regarding the current situation of the country including the transfer of security responsibilities, peace process, Presidential elections, long-term partnership agreements with a number of countries, economic vision of Afghanistan and the Istanbul Process.
“The transfer of security responsibilities to Afghan forces is successfully on track and its final phase which includes the full transfer of responsibilities to Afghan force, is to be launched soon” Dr. Rassoul said.
Dr. Rassoul said, “The peace process is of importance to the Afghan people and it will never stop”.
Pointing out the fact that the Taliban will not reach victory through bloodshed and war, he added, “continuity of war in Afghanistan means continuity of destruction, and should the Taliban desire to gain a political power, the only way for them remains to seek it through a political process as the Afghan Constitution provides the of right of candidacy and voting to all nationals of the country”.
Describing the investment opportunities in Afghanistan as unique, Dr. Rassoul said, “stability in Afghanistan will be to the benefit of economic development in the region, and Afghanistan can pave the way for peace and economic prosperity for the people of the neighboring countries and beyond and serve as a bridging point for them”.

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