07 July 2020

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Security pacts should preserve Afghanistan’s interests

Written by  Manager2
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Monday, May 06, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan has found great reputation in international arena after the country initiated its new political chapter in international politics in 2001 and in the view of country`s growing repute in world politics several western and Asian countries forged longstanding strategic cooperation partnerships with the country and these agreements strongly supports our national interests particularly security treaty which Afghanistan intends to sign with the US protect the country against external and internal threats. Political commentators and military experts believe that Afghanistan’s strategic cooperation partnerships and strategic agreements particularly with the US helps the country to overcome the external threats especially interference of neighboring countries following foreign troops pullback in 2014. The people of Afghanistan remember that the US pledged to defend Afghanistan against external threats and meddling of neighboring countries while signing strategic cooperation agreement, but the US didn’t retaliate after Pakistani military forces attacked border regions of the country for several weeks. What the Afghan people expect from the world is that international community shouldn’t allow this country into political isolation and should continue backing it in the long term period. However, some misconceptions and dilemma exist overall the Afghan US security pact, but overall the Afghan nation interprets this in favor of the country if provisions of the treaty are implemented din litter in sprit. Analysts believe that if the western countries particularly the US intends to forge strategic and security agreements with Afghanistan like a powerful country, then these countries are obliged to defend Afghanistan from external threats and foreign interferences and the agreements should ensure long term supports of these countries to the ANSF and their military training process and equipment’s. General public in Afghanistan believe that security agreement with the US is quite significant to future stability of the country. Afghan people expect that such agreements help us to counter international terrorism effectively and ensure territorial integrity of the country. As Afghanistan prepares for two important events in 2014 which include withdraw of international forces and transition of political power through a transparent elections, some issues also exist on our way, because, until now, the neighboring countries haven’t shown willingness to sincerely contribute in the restoration of durable peace and security in the country. It`s expected that international troops leave Afghanistan in 2014 and security responsibilities of the country will be shouldered by the ANSF. Now the world should accelerate efforts and provide sufficient military equipment’s to these forces to conduct their military operations effectively following foreign forces evacuations. This came after Afghanistan signed strategic cooperation partnerships agreements with several countries of the world including the United States, Italy, France, Holland, France, Bulgaria, Romania, Finland and India and consultations continue with the US over signing of security agreements.

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