Afghans Unity Is Vital For Ending Foreign Aggressions

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Monday, May 06, 2013
Kabul (BNA) What had happened in Goshta district is an obvious aggression against our country, just Afghans unity can response to such hostilities and ending the aggressions forever.
The BNA analyst following the recent developments in border areas writes: 
What had happened recently in Goshta district, Kandahar province and earlier Nuristan and Kunar provinces had seen, are an example of foreign pressures imposed on Afghanistan to achieve their ambitious and heinous goals in order to realize their hegemony and supremacy in the region. But they should know it is a nightmare and a mirage.
Using the current situation of Afghanistan, Pakistan mostly imposes the pressures a country in its short history, has always emerged as a hostile country of Afghanistan.
Today, against all international conventions and principles, Pakistan openly and brutally interferes in internal affairs of our country and tries using the current situation of our country which is the result of more than three decades of dispute and foreign interferences achieve its long-term evil and ambitious goals.  According the Afghan authorities, Pakistan is seeking to legalize the Durand Line that is an artificial border; no Afghan governments have recognized it so far. To achieve this goal, Pakistan uses every means including training, funding and sending terrorists for murder and destructive activities and launching a proxy war in our country.
The advancement and passing   of Pakistani troops the Durand Line, artillery attacks on Nuristan and Kunar provinces, dispatching terrorists in disguise of Talib, hosting and sheltering Middle Asia terrorist groups, using transit route as a means of pressure and finally sabotaging the peace process are parts of Pakistan program to further deepen the crisis in Afghanistan to achieve the evil goals mentioned earlier.    
According the politicians, the last three decades incidents, caused Pakistan to consider itself as only force that can determine the destiny of Afghan people. During this period Pakistan with launching various conspiracies made the international community to consider Pakistan as the main player in the events of the region and to count on Pakistan’s role in any issues of this region. Pakistan was somewhat successful in its anti-Afghan policy. Heedlessness of international community toward Afghanistan and their reliance to Pakistan changed this terrorists’ sponsor country as hero of the region and further strengthened terrorists in the region and in the world as a whole. The situation which was entirely in interest of Pakistan, encouraged it to provide terrorists and extremists with sanctuaries and safe havens inside its territories.   Pakistan is seeking to draw more benefits from Durand Line, this is to destabilize Indian sub-continent, to reach Middle Asian republics and even to be a threat to Russia. To achieve these ambitious goals Pakistan supports international terrorism and religious extremist organizations. But it is an open fact that the policies that the Pakistani short minded generals use to achieve their ambitious goals, is not on the track, it does not reach Mecca but ends to Turkistan.
Afghanistan in fight against terrorism and extremism, as its brave sons fought heroically the then Red Army and let them not to reach the hot waters, to day in counter terrorism campaign will not allow terrorists to use Afghan soil as launching pad for their terrorist activities and also will not surrender to foreign pressures that harm our national interests and foreign relations. It would better for Pakistan instead of hostility with Afghanistan chose the way of friendship not only with Afghanistan but with the other countries of the region. 
As Hamid Karzai the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan addressing Pakistan said, Pakistan would not get any benefit from terrorism and extremism. Pakistan itself burning in a fire fueled by terrorism and it is regrettable that the Pakistani people are the victims of the wrong policies of their government.       
It is a clear message to Pakistani militarists to avoid the support of terrorism and extremism and to understand the need and realities of the time.
What had happened or occurs in Goshta district is a clear foreign aggression but so far there is no any reaction from Taliban against this aggression. If Taliban are really Afghans, should make clear their stand against this Pakistanis aggression and to share the feelings of our compatriots showed against this evil aggression. As the Afghan president addressing Taliban urges them: Not target Afghanistan with our guns, but target the enemies of Afghanistan. What will be the reaction and response of Taliban to this patriotic demand?  We are waiting for the reaction.
Written By: Khalil Minawi BNA Director

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