APPOINTMENT of New US Envoy For Afghanistan, Pakistan

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Tuesday, May 07, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The Obama administration has nominated a well-known experienced diplomat James Winze as new US envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan and Washington has announced that his selection aimed to further strengthen the process of peace and stability in Afghanistan and to revive the worsening bilateral diplomatic ties between Kabul and Islamabad.
Meanwhile, political commentators emphasize that the new US envoy should accelerate efforts for confidence building measures between Kabul-Islamabad and Kabul-Washington DC.
As Afghanistan gets nearer to the timeline for holding of presidential and provincial councils` elections in 2014, Washington is trying to use all available sources for restoration of sustainable peace and security in the war- devastated Afghanistan by using different means to motivate the insurgent Taliban and rest of the warring factions and government armed opposition forces to attend peace negotiation table and replacement of Mark Grossman with a 70 years old professional diplomat is part of these efforts to further expand talks among warring parties. The US secretary of state John Kerry expressed optimism that under new US envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, peace talks will move towards positive track and relations between Kabul and Islamabad is also normalized. Political analysts are urging that nomination of James Winze as new US special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan is proved constructive if he occupies the post by maintaining a comprehensive roadmap for settling the issues confronted by the three countries particularly the tensed relations between Kabul and Islamabad and to support stance of Afghanistan in international relations. Commenting on the topic, a Kabul University lecturer Nasrullah Estanakzai emphasized that the newly elected US special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan needs to enter the region with a new strategy and new policy to prove that the US and Afghanistan is really enjoying strategic cooperation partnership and through this way the US could support reputation and stance of Afghanistan in international relations. Previously, the newly elected US special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan has served in key positions which include post of US ambassador to the European Union (EU) deputy US secretary of state and political commentators have expressed hope that he would be succeeded to help Afghanistan in restoring durable peace and stability in Afghanistan. Talking on his nomination, Kabul University lecturer Tahir Hashimi expressed hope over selection of James Winze as new US representatives for Afghanistan and Pakistan and said that in the view of his longstanding experience in diplomacy, it’s hoped that he is succeeded in his mission in Afghanistan which is establishment of long term peace and security across the country. Following collapse of the Taliban regime in 2001, the newly US special envoy also participated in the first Bonn conference held on Afghanistan and was the first US diplomat that started job in Afghanistan in post-Taliban Afghanistan while previously during Clinton and George Bush administrations he was serving as US special envoy to Bosnia, Kosovo, Haiti and Somalia. Initially, Richard Holbrook was serving in these positions and later in 2010 Mark Grossman took over the charge until December 2012 and later he resigned from the post under particular reason. Currently, Kabul and allies of Afghanistan retain a consensus on the topic that for restoration of durable peace and security in the country, it was quite significant to persuade the insurgent Taliban to attend peace negotiation talks because the oppressed people of Afghanistan after suffering three consecutive decades of war and violence can’t tolerate further bloodsheds and are demanding from world community to contribute in restoring sustainable peace and security in the war-battered country. Here it`s quite vital to mention that Afghanistan in the view of major challenges confronted by the country extremely requires longstanding supports of international community particularly in the transformation decade and there is a dire need that international community honor all commitments sought to Afghanistan over difference sessions so that the country came out of current crisis. The US has assured Afghanistan to continue supporting the country following transition of political power in 2014 and it will contribute in socioeconomic sector of the country especially in the transformation decade and US cooperation to Afghanistan will be conducted in accordance to the working priorities of government of Islamic republic of Afghanistan and interests of Afghan nation.

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