CM Lauds Sacrifices of Security Forces In Demolishing Pak Posts Inside Afghanistan

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Tuesday, May 07, 2013
Kabul (BNA) President Karzai chaired the plenary meeting of the council of ministers and initially discussed security issues on the border regions of the country especially border difficulties with Pakistan and stressed that recently Pakistan has resorted to building of border posts inside the Afghan territories including in the Goshta district of Nangarhar province. 
It was stated that diplomatic efforts couldn’t stop their construction, so the Afghan security forces entered into the scene and destroyed the constructed posts on the border. 
As a result of the operation of the Afghan military forces one border police of Afghanistan by the name of Mohammad Qasem Ahmadzai lost his sweet life in the defense of national honors and was martyred. 
The council of ministers praised the steadfastness and bravery of this Afghan son towards preservation of territorial integrity of the country and further appreciated and called the sentiments and sensitivities of the brave people of the country towards martyrdom and sacrifices of Mohammad Qasem Ahmadzai higher than appreciation of the of brave son of the country. 
The CM ordered the ministry of national defense and interior affairs that as per the decision of National Security Council of 15th Saur by utilizing all available possibilities should defend the border posts of the country and permanently supervise them and prevent building of foreign posts inside the Afghan territories. 
The CM justified the concerns of the ministry of public health emanating from sale and usage of nonstandard food like colored sweets low-quality biscuits and other non-standard drinks and tries to collect them and to prevent it. 
Minister of education confirmed the harms of using of this material by the students and proposed that national traders and the ministries of commerce and industries as well as finance prevent import of the material and asked the students to stop buying such materials as they are not healthy and sound.
The CM assigned a committee consisting of ministries of interior affairs and membership of representatives from the ministries of educational, public health, commerce and industries, agriculture and irrigation and the Kabul Municipality to start practical work on this direction.
Meanwhile, the ministry of commerce and industries was assigned to study the invoices of the traders before importing of the materials and try to stop non-standards and low quality food items and prevents their import into Afghanistan and the interior ministry should prevent their smuggling in the country. 
Professional deputy minister and acting minister of justice presented to the CM the draft amendment of pages 1 of article 72 of the income tax law that we confirmed at the CM meeting. 
The minister of finance debated reduction in the state income in the following manner: Change of financial year last year starting from the month of Hamal to first of Jaddi, the income taxes of first quarter of current year was paid at the end of 1392 by the trade companies and that the propaganda of the western countries with respect of unpleasant financial year of 2013 and 2014 that had caused reduction in the import and sales of good in the countries bazaars and increased smuggling on the borders of the country had laid negative impacts in the income plan of financial but compared to the first quarter of last year very loss different is noticed in it. 
He did not consider fluctuation in collection of income in the country and assured that in the second quarter of the year our income will be over the plan and at the end of the fiscal year it is hoped that income plan is fully implemented. 
After hearing the report by the finance minister, the CM assigned the minister so that with cooperation of assigned committee study the country’s income along with new income sources and as per the provision of phrase 9 of resolution of no 5 dated 2/2/1392 of the CM refer its report to the CM in two weeks’ time. 
At the end, five international conventions were presented by foreign ministers who were confirmed by the CM accordingly:
-  Agreement of understanding between ministry of higher education and Kabang San University of Malaysia,
-  0Agreement between Afghanistan and Indonesia about friendship and cooperation.
- Agreement of understanding and bilateral consultations between ministry of foreign affairs of Afghanistan and foreign ministry of Indonesia.
- Agreement between Afghanistan and Indonesia on waiving of visa for holders of service, and political passports.
- Understanding note in respect to exchange of cultural programs between Afghanistan and Indonesia.

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