31 May 2020

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“Afghanistan Is Not Political Lab Test Of Aliens,” President Karzai

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Sunday, January 22, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Inaugurating the 16th round of second legislative year of the National Assembly president Hamid Krzai emphasized that Afghanistan is not the political lab test for aliens that in every several years they should experience order and or other political structures in it. 
He added that during the past forty years several political orders were tested in our country the result of which have been destruction of social structure and values of Afghanistan. 
He stressed that I want say with seriousness and decisiveness that we shall never permit that a dangerous image of another political order is established in our country. 
Touching on the process of peace he said that despite sacrifices of the government of Afghanistan and the high peace council will continue its efforts for bringing about peace to the country. 
He emphasized that the Afghan nation is in possession of peace process and talks, and no country or alien foundation can take this right from the people of Afghanistan and Afghanistan once again reiterates on the principles and values that the recent Traditional Loya Jirgah has advised. 
He expressed the hope that those brothers who are engaged in a war against their people understand the recent developments of the country and know that war is for the benefit of aliens and only Afghans and their country is being destroyed and they will shoulder its burdens. 
He added that I am desirous that our brothers involved in the war lay down their arms immediately and stop fighting against their own country and join the peace efforts. 
He noted that despite the efforts of the government and the people of Afghanistan for restoration of peace and reduction of conflicts, unfortunately during the current year we suffered immense sacrifices and miseries. 
He regretted over the loss of life of our countrymen during the past several years by the enemies of the people of Afghanistan. 
He also expressed regret over the death of the youth who due to instigation of the Taliban and foreigners have been sent to Afghanistan and have lost their lives here. It is said that at the inaugural session of the 16th legislative round of the second legislative year of the National Assembly that was held at the building of the parliament, was also attended by vice-president, acting chairman of supreme court, Jehadi personalities, members of the cabinet and supreme court, heads of independent departments, ambassadors of friendly countries to Kabul and representatives of the international agencies. 
Another report adds that initially Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi speaker of House of People spoke and said that the National Assembly is starting its second legislative year at a time the country is facing big challenges. 
Addressing the inaugural session president Karzai in his speech described the achievements of the past year and said that during last year great steps have been taken for strengthening of the security forces, expansion of socio-economic base. 
He also mentioned the continued participation of Afghanistan at the international conferences and added that after Amani era for the first time 500 Afghan students were sent to India and Turkey at the expenses of government and his government intends to increase the special budget for the students at the foreign universities up to Afs, 500 million. 
He also recalled that during the current year some Jehadi religious, cultural personalities of the country were also targeted by the enemies and were killed.

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