24 September 2020

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Russia Can Play Basic Role In Expansion of Economic, Trade Ties In Afghanistan: Alokozai

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Thursday September 19, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan has been trying in the last decade to restore diplomatic, political, trade and economic relations with large number of the world countries particularly the regional countries of Iran, Pakistan, China, Russia, India, Tajikistan etc. and has succeeded to established relations with abovementioned nations.
Sometimes before during an official tour to Kabul, Russian deputy minister of Energy in his meeting with Afghan president Hamid Karzai reiterated expansion of trade-economic relations between the two countries.
To what extent Russian can play basic role for expansion of trade-economic relations in Afghanistan?
Our reporter has performed an interview with deputy director of ACCI Khan Jan Alokozai:
Alokozai said, “No doubt not only at present but in the past also trade-economic relations between Russian and Afghanistan were in good conditions.
At present Russia plays good role for export of food stuff, construction materials and fuel and our traders export dried fruits and carpets to Russia.
Our exports to Russia and Central Asia amount 40 percent.
Alokozai went on to say, Russia can have great share in Afghanistan economic growth because she enjoys good experiences in different fields such as construction, mines, road building and transportation and is also interested to invest in these fields.
As sometimes ago the Russia construction company of Astock signed an agreement for construction of 100000 houses with the ministry of Urban Development, Construction of residential quarters enjoy good importance not only form economic point of view but is also enjoy importance for creation of job opportunities for Afghan workers.
The Russian company has already started construction of residential quarters.
Touching the past construction activities of Russia in Afghanistan Alokozai added, “In the past Russia had very close trade and economic relations with Afghanistan including construction of Jangalak factories, Houses Construction Combinat, construction of Naghloo and Daroontah hydropower plants , Salang Tunnel, central Silo, Microrayans residential quarters etc. which are indicator of Russia high capacity in the fields of construction.
Besides that, Russia has played good role in cement factories and based on previous investments Russia is interested to reconstruct those projects.
During the SCO summit meeting, Russia president emphasized on improvement of relations between member states.

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