30 May 2020

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Thursday April 23, 2020
GHAZNI CITY (BNA) More than six anti-government militias were killed during clashes with Afghan security forces in central Ghazni province.
Press office of 203 Thander army corps by releasing a statement reported BNA, Taliban fighters had plan to launch attack on Afghan security forces in Khashk region, Deh Yak district of Ghazni province, but Afghan security troops by defeating their plan succeeded to annihilate six rebels as well.
A vehicle and two motorcycles belonged to the insurgents have been destroyed during the conflicts too, the source added.

Thursday April 23, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Iranian Embassy in Kabul announced that it has resumed consular services and visa issuance since April 20.
An official in charge of the Iranian mission’s media affairs said decision has been made to issue visa for nationals of neighboring countries with special jobs like drivers, industrialists, businessmen and investors.
Visa for land transport will be issued just for truck drivers, he said, adding that businessmen, industrialists and investors will receive visa for flight.  
Iranian embassy reiterated that visa will be issued if COVID19 test is done and the passengers have valid health certificate from Afghan medical centers which are accepted by Iranian missions.
Iranian embassy had canceled visa issuance for Afghan citizens on February 24 aiming to prevent spread of coronavirus.

Thursday April 23, 2020
Kabul (BNA) India is readying separate rapid response teams for dispatching to friendly neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan in spirit of its commitment to help them deal with the coronavirus pandemic, official sources said.
A 14-member rapid response team was sent to Maldives last month to help the island nation set up coronavirus testing laboratories and train local medical professionals to fight the pandemic.
Earlier this month, India sent a 15-member team, comprising healthcare personnel from the Army, to Kuwait as part of bilateral cooperation between the two countries.
Three weeks back, India gifted a 10 ton consignment of essential lifesaving medicines to Sri Lanka in view of the COVID-19 crisis.
India has assured all friendly neighboring countries of all possible assistance to help them fight the pandemic. New Delhi has also been playing a key role in pushing for a common framework in dealing with the crisis.
At a video conference on March 15, Prime Minister Narendra Modi pitched for formulating a joint strategy to fight COVID-19 in the SAARC region and proposed an emergency fund with an initial offer of USD 10 million from India. It is understood that India has already made the contribution.
The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) is a regional grouping comprising Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
All the SAARC member nations are reeling under adverse social and economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.
India is also supplying anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine to 55 countries. A number of countries including the US, Mauritius, Seychelles have already received the drug.
Hydroxychloroquine has been identified by the US Food and Drug Administration as a possible treatment for the COVID-19 and it is being tested on more than 1,500 coronavirus patients in New York.
The demand for the drug has swelled rapidly after India decided to lift a ban on its export.
In the neighborhood, India is sending the drug to Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh Nepal, the Maldives, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and Myanmar, sources said.

Wednesday, 22 April 2020 09:08

Over 35 Armed Oppositions Perished in Herat

Wednesday April 22, 2020
HERAT CITY (BNA) As many as 36 anti-government militias were killed during clashes with Afghan security forces in western Herat province within the last 24 hours.
Abdul Ahad Walizada spokesman of police chief in Herat told BNA correspondent, the conflicts took place while Taliban fighters stormed on Afghan national police, local police and national army troops’ checkpoints in Kashak Kohna district of Herat province.
Thirty-six terrorists including Mullah Khan Aqa, Mullah Dawoud and Mullah Nazar Mohammad three top commanders of Taliban group were killed and 30 others were injured following the clashes, Walizada further added. 
Two Afghan national army personnel have martyred following the conflicts as well, Walizada concluded.

Wednesday April 22, 2020
MATOON CITY (BNA) Afghan national army succeeded to discover and neutralize eight round of different type of mines in eastern Khost province.
Eimal Momand acting in-charge of press office in 203 Thandar army corps told BNA correspondent, the mines have been discovered and confiscated by Afghan national army troops in Maidani region, Garbuz district of Khost province.

Wednesday April 22, 2020
TALIQAN CITY (BNA) Eight people accused of different criminal cases were arrested by Afghan national police personnel in northern Takhar province the other day.
Abdul Khalil Aseer spokesman of Takhar police chief told BNA reporter, the suspicious accused of armed robberies, people harassment and insecurity were arrested in Nahr Chaman region, Taliqan city the provincial capital of the province.

Wednesday, 22 April 2020 09:06

Taliban Military In-Charge Kills in Logar

Wednesday April 22, 2020
PUL-E-ALAM CITY (BNA) Taliban military in-charge for Charkh district, central Logar province was killed by Afghan security forces the other day.
Press office of 203 Thander army corps reported BNA, Taliban had plan to carry out attack on Afghan security forces in Dasht Qala region, Charkh district of the province, but Afghan security forces by defeating the attack succeeded to annihilate military in-charge of Taliban.
A suspected person, six grenades and some military equipment have been seized by Afghan security personnel.

Wednesday April 22, 2020
SHARANA CITY (BNA) At least six civilians lost their lives following mine blast planted by Taliban fighters in eastern Paktika province the other day.
Eimal Momand acting in-charge of press office in 203 Thandar army corps told BNA reporter, the incident took place, while a vehicle hit on roadside mine in relevant areas of Barmal district of Paktika province, as a result six civilians lost their lives.
Taliban fighters by planting mines causing casualties on civilians.

Wednesday, 22 April 2020 09:04

Khost Governor Survived from Life Attempt

Wednesday April 22, 2020
KHOST CITY (BNA) At least 13 people including civilians were wounded following two separate blast in eastern Khost province yesterday.
Talib Mangal spokesman of Khost governor told BNA local correspondent, the blasts took place in Khost city the provincial capital of the province, as a result 13 people including civilians were injured.
The first blast was happened on convey of Abdul Halim Fedayee governor of Khost, in which two guards of Mr. Fedayee and six civilians were wounded, Mangal added.
There was no damages on Abdul Halim Fedayee following the blast, Mangal further added.
Also, a military vehicle hit on a planted mine in Khost city, as a result four Afghan national army personnel and a civilian were wounded.

Wednesday April 22, 2020
Kabul (BNA) President Ashraf Ghani spoke with district governors by VTC yesterday evening to discuss measures to contain covid-19 and address their recommendations, demands and challenges.
According to BNA report, Abdul Matin Bek, IDLG General Director said majority of districts are now able to contact with the government leadership, particularly the president, and share their recommendations and challenges to result in better decision-making at government level.
A number of district governors spoke and articulated their measures on fighting covid-19 including mobilization of their communities, coordination with Ulama and other entities, public awareness efforts, establishing isolation centers, spraying areas and forming committees for controlling the prices of essential items.
Their challenges mainly revolved around insecurity, need for healthcare teams, isolation centers, ambulances, medical equipment, protective tools as well as food assistance to the people in need through a transparent mechanism and lack of access to telecommunication services in remote districts.
First Vice President Amrullah Saleh said all available resources and capacities must be used to fight the spread of the pandemic.
The first vice president instructed the district governors to assure the people in their districts that all trade routes to the country are open and they will not face shortage of food materials.
Second Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danish termed fighting corona a national issue that requires mobilization and cooperation of all groups and institutions at national level.
Mohammad Yosuf Ghazanfar, the President’s Special Representative on Economic Development, Trade and Poverty Reduction Affairs extended gratitude to the private sector for their assistance to the needy people and suggested that rickshaws can be turned to mini-ambulances in remote areas that would be more economical and ease carrying patients.
Ferozuddin Feroz, Minister of Public Health stressed that the demands of district governors will be taken into considerationand said beside five operational laboratories, two more will be established in Paktia and Kunduz as well as two diagnoses centers in Badakhshan and Bamiyan in cooperation with Aga Khan Development Network.
President Ashraf Ghani said following overall assessments, the government continues its efforts to contain the coronavirus through categorizing it into five stages.
President Ghani said the government is willing to revisit and strengthen programs of the Public Health Ministry, adding that one special unit, working under provincial health directorate, will be established in each province to step up efforts on fighting corona.
The president stressed that an isolation center of corona patients with 20-50 beds should be established with local facilities and existing equipment in districts and instructed Public Health Ministry to pursue the issue.
He added as health programs are among government’s top priorities for the next year, more procurement authorities have been delegated to the minister of Public Health to address the existing challenges of people for the time being.
The president reiterated, “We need to join hands with each other and support our healthcare staff, who are indeed in the frontline of fight against the corona virus.”
“Our other program is to ensure social protection for vulnerable groups and delivering assistances to the people in need, who are economically affected by the spread of the corona pandemic,” added the president.
The president pledged to categorize the district governors’ recommendations and discuss them in government leadership meetings and to keep them posted of the progresses through IDLG.