20 October 2017

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Sunday, 27 November 2011 06:39

200 Drug Addicts Collected For Treatment

Kabul (BNA) A team tasked by Afghan ministry of public health has collected 200 drug addicts from various parts of Kabul city and has taken to healthcare centers for treatment. 
The addicts have been collected from Pul-e-Hartel, Bagh Bala, Chaman Huzuri and other areas of the city and taken to curing centers. 
The source added five of the addicts are in critical condition. 
It is said there are nearly 400-500 addicts in Kabul city. 
The step has been taken by the Afghan ministry of public health and it is the time that weather is getting cold and from the other side, the addicts are so weak to resist during the cold session of winter. 
It is said that Afghan ministry of public health doesn’t have enough money to treat the drug addicts, but it tries to take possible steps for treatment of the addicts in the country.

Kabul (BNA) The representatives and elders of Kunduz in their meeting with president Karzai asked for change in the mechanism for peace process. 
They also called holding of the Traditional Loya Jirgah as a great success of the people of Afghanistan and added that members of this jirgah in all its committees acted in a spirit of national consensus and unique coordination existed among them. 
They stressed that signing of any treaty with the US as per the advice of the Loya Jirgah is justified and it is to the interest of the country. 
During the meeting the Kunduz elders shared their views in relations to important national issues and emphasized that the people of Afghanistan understand their interests throughout the country and they are united in ensuring and preserving thereof. 

Kandahar (BNA) 8 armed Taliban militants were captured on Friday night in a clearing operation conducted by Afghan police in Khakriz district of Kandahar province. 
According to Kandahar governor office, the operation was launched by police forces in Abasabad area of Khakriz district, resulted in capturing eight armed Taliban militants. 
The source said 7 mines, 2 grenades, 1AK-47 rifle and some narcotics were seized in the operation.

Sunday, 27 November 2011 06:27

President Karzai’s Sympathy Message

Kabul (BNA) The message notes that I was informed with regret that Abdul Momen a long time employee of education of Faryab has died due to his illness. 
Late Abdul Momen has served all his life in educating the children and the youth of the country and served as a teacher in schools in the province, his death a loss. 
The message conveys sympathies to the bereaved family, friends and the people of Faryab and wishes peace for his soul.

Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai met yesterday with Villy Sovndal, Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs, who said would be attending the upcoming Bonn Conference with a strong message of “continued commitment” to Afghanistan beyond 2014. 
Minister Sovndal, who is also accompanied by the country’s Minister for Development Cooperation reaffirmed Denmark’s continued support and assistance in a coordinated manner together with UK, to Afghanistan beyond 2014. 
Foreign Minister Sovndal underlined in particular the improvement in Afghan women’s situation as one of the key gains jointly achieved by Afghanistan and international community, and stated his country remains committed to assisting Afghan women and their empowerment. 
The meeting also discussed the topic of economic progress and development, where the Development Minister, Christain Friis Bach spoke about his country’s engagement in Afghanistan to improve health and education sectors and reaffirmed their long term support for the mentioned areas. 
President Karzai thanked Denmark for all its support and contributions to Afghanistan and praised Denmark as one of the countries that stepped in to begin assisting Afghanistan in the very early days of the post Taliban interim administration.

Kabul (BNA)  President Hamid Karzai addressing a member of the Traditional Loya Jirgah representatives from Daikundi, Parwan, Bamyan, Maidan-Wardak, Ghazni and Kabul declared that during the coming year the budget from dispatching of Afghan students to foreign countries will be increased from USD 5 to 10 million. 
It is said that during the current year 422 12th grad students from the country were sent abroad on the expenses of Afghan government and in the coming year this number will be doubled. 
The ministry of higher education selected 7 12th graduates with higher marks from each province and sends them for higher education to foreign countries and soon a new procedure will be designed for selection of students. 
The president stressed that the only way to salvage Afghanistan from backwardness and move the country towards progress and a prosperous future is to educate the Afghan youth and asked all the elders of the country to assist in encouraging their sons towards attaining education. 
During the meeting Mohammad Hussain Danesh, Ghulam Hussain Ibrahimi, Haidar Ali Ahmadi, Hazrat Mohammad Janan, Khayal Mohammad Hussaini and  Haji Ramazan Hussainzada spoke on behalf of Daikundi, Parwan, Bamyan, Maidan-Wardak, Ghazni and Kabul and shared their problems with the president. 
President Karzai assured the members of the traditional loya jirgah that he will instruct the related organs for addressing their problems.

Saturday, 26 November 2011 12:24

President Karzai Meets Nomads Representatives

Kabul (BNA) In their meeting with President Karzai the representatives of nomads asked the government to prepare the ground for educated nomads employment in the government.
Hajji Aloko Kokozai talked on behalf of others at this meeting and asked the government to pay attention towards the Kuchis problems in the spheres of health and livelihood.
They congratulated the President on successful holding of the Traditional Loya Jirga, adding that around 100 of Kuchi representatives had taken part at this jirgah.
President Karzai addressing the Kuchi representatives said that proper measures will be taken to employ educated cadres of the nomads.
He added that proper measures were adopted in proper representation of the people at the Loya Jirgah.

Lashkargah (BNA) Two Ministers of Denmark in their visit from Helmand province emphasized on continuation of their country’s cooperation with Afghanistan.  
Press responsible of Helmand province reported to BNA, the Foreign and International Development Program Ministers of Denmark in a trip to Helmand province visited the police training center in Lashkarga city and emphasized on continuation of cooperation of that country with Afghanistan. 
The mentioned ministers had met with Helmand governor Mohammad Gulab Mangal as well.
In this meeting they assured that in 2014 they will end their military mission in Afghanistan, especially in Helmand province but they will continue their cooperation in development areas with Afghanistan. 
Governor of Helmand Mohammad Gulab Mangal after the meeting said, the mentioned ministers assured that they will assist Helmand province in mechanization of agriculture system, struggle against narcotic, training and equipment of police, extension of medical services and education fields. 
Some days back, the US foreign deputy minister ministry in a short trip from Helmand province, met with a number of youths in that province.  
Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Saturday, 26 November 2011 09:53

NATO attack kills 20 Pakistani troops


PESHAWAR: NATO helicopters from Afghanistan carried out an "unprovoked" attack on a Pakistani border post, killing at least 20 troops and injuring four others Saturday, the military said.

According to a military spokesman, NATO helicopters carried out unprovoked and indiscriminate firing on a Pakistani checkpost in Mohmand agency last night.

Security officials in the Mohmand tribal region near the Afghan border and a military official in Peshawar said 20 troops including two officers were killed in the pre-dawn incident.

They said the attack took place on the Salala checkpost in the Baizai district of the rugged tribal terrain.

NATO confirmed it was aware of "an incident" near the border and said it was investigating.

All entry and exit points of Mohmand Agency were sealed by the security forces after the incident.


Kabul (BNA) Afghan and coalition forces in several operations in some provinces of the country killed 13 armed oppositions and detained 17 others. 
According to defense ministry press office to BNA, the operations carried out in the vicinities of Kabul, Helmand, Urozgan and Herat provinces in which 13 armed oppositions were killed and 17 others were detained. 
In these operations, a quantity of heavy and light arms consisting of 2 Kalashnikovs, 2 pistols, 34 anti-vehicle mines, 2 sets of communication means and 15 mortar mines were seized by Afghan forces, said the source. 
Meanwhile, the national police personnel discovered and seized 7 explosive devices, a rocket launcher, 2 sets of communication means, 2 gun bullets, one Kg of Ammonium Nitrate, an anti-personnel min, 2 missile rockets and 15 mortar mines which were placed by armed opposition for destruction and terrorist activities in Kunar and Nangarhar provinces.  
Translated by Suraya-Yarzada