11 December 2017

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Sunday, 22 January 2012 10:19

5 Children Martyred, Injured In Kapisa

Sunday, January 22, 2012
Kapisa (BNA) Two children were martyred and 3 others were wounded in Kapisa province yesterday. 
According to BNA, this event taken place in explosion of warhead shell in Sofi area belongs to the center of Kapsa province.
Eyewitnesses said that this warhead shell existed previously in garbage.  
According to them, the explosion occurred when the children were burned the garbage. 
Dr. Abdullah Nasart head of Aheed Abdul Saboor Farid hospital said that in this event, two children were martyred and three others have been wounded. 
According to Dr. Nasrat, the health conditions of the injured children are satisfactory. 
Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Sunday, January 22, 2012
Sheberghan (BNA) Tens of families in Jawzjan province has lost their homes due to water rise in the Amu River. 
The water rise is unprecedented in the recent years and for a month is affecting the Qarqeen district. 
According to data released by the department for disaster preparedness in the province, the water rise have destroyed 87 homes in Shur Tepa, Kuk, Denaroukhan located on the course of the Amu River banks and has displaced around 6,000 residents of those regions. 
The head of the department Eng. Azizurrehman Aemaq said that water is on the rise for the past three days and it is further threatening other residential areas on its course as well. 
Presently, the national committee for disaster in Jawzjan with the cooperation of Afghan Red Crescent Society, agriculture and irrigation department is providing tents, winter clothes and food items for the displaced people but they say that it is inadequate for them. 
Amir Mohammad who has lost his home that he along with wife and three children have no place to live in. 
It is said that the displaced families need shelter, food and winter cloths. 
Amir Mohammad asked the government to render them emergency aid. 
He added that still tens of families whose homes are being threatened by water may leave their dwellings as well.
The Qarqeen district is the remotest district of Jawzjan lying on the course of Amu River with neighboring Turkmenistan and it is 50km distant to the center of Jawzjan. 
The people living close to the Amu River have lost their crops and homes every year. 
On the Turkmenistan side they have consolidated the river banks and now all the water pressure is directed on the Afghan territory and every year it is turning Afghan territories into river bed. 
The Afghan government has carried out some assessments of this issue but so far no practical steps have been taken in this respect.

Sunday, January 22, 2012
Mazar-e-Sharif (BNA) The second training center for agricultural services for women was opened in Balkh province. 
Munera Qazizada in charge of the center said the 20% cost of the center is assisted by USAID and the remaining provided by the women of this center. 
She added that at the center those women who are familiar with agricultural activities and have skill in preparing jams, bee-keeping, handicrafts, tailoring and marketing them. 
They will also train other vulnerable women in its training courses.

Sunday, 22 January 2012 09:35

40 Schools Built In Logar Province

Sunday, January 22, 2012
Kabul (BNA) From the start of New Year to date forty new schools was constructed in Logar province, said Abdul Mateen Jaafar, head of education of Logar. 
He added that the buildings of these schools have been constructed with financial assistance of Czech PRT stationed in Logar, the organization of Central Asia, USAID and the Education Ministry. 
According to Jaafar these new school buildings were constructed in the center of the province, Khushi, Mohammad Agha, Baraki Barak and Charkh districts and by this way the ground was prepared for education of 60,000 girls and boys in the province. 
He stressed that work on two other school buildings are progressing in Mohammad Agha with the assistance of Central Asian Organization.

Sunday, January 22, 2012
Aibak (BNA) Distribution of wheat was started by “World Food Program on Wednesday to vulnerable families in Samangan province. 
Local officials say the families can’t afford to buy foodstuffs. 
According to Rajab Ali Yousifi, provincial director for counter incidents in Samangan, nearly 422 tons of wheat is to be distributed to 2813 vulnerable families in the province. 
Mohammad Abrahim, a resident of Zourabi village of Aibak while carrying distributed sacks of wheat said the assistance would a little bit solve my problem. 
Meanwhile, Mohammad Sediq Aziz, a spokesman for Samangan governor considered that the assistance would cut down effects of drought in the province.

Sunday, January 22, 2012
Lashkargah (BNA) Denmark is continuing its assistance to Afghanistan. 
The statement was made in a meeting with Mohammad Gulab Mangal on Friday during her trip to Helmand province. 
After meeting with Helmand governor, Danish prime minister participated in a joint conference and said, “Her trip to the province aims at evaluating of the transition process and meeting with civil and military officials based in the province.” 
She said Denmark would also continue its civil assistance to Afghanistan beyond 2014. 
Considering the transition process in the province as an important step, the Danish prime minister said Denmark would support the process. 
In this news conference Mohammad Gulb Mangal, governor of Helmand praised Denmark for its assistance to Helmand in various sectors. 
Governor of Helmand said the Danish prime minister has stressed on her country’s civil assistance to the province in various sectors. 
Denmark has nearly 740 soldiers based in Grishk district of the province.

Sunday, January 22, 2012
Kandahar (BNA) 200 farmers received training in the sector of saffron cultivation launched by provincial directorate of agriculture and irrigation in Kandahar province. 
According to Eng. Ahmad Shah Roshan, director of agriculture and irrigation for Kaandahar, the directorate of agriculture and irrigation launched one month training for 200 farmers in the sector of saffron cultivation in Kandahar province. 
The source said after the farmers received the professional training, they were distributed particular appliances for saffron cultivation. 
From the 200 trained farmers, 15 of them have been tasked for further professional training to Herat province so that they could exchange views with Herat farmers related to cultivation of saffron. 
The source added the course aimed at finding a good alternative for poppy cultivation.

Sunday, January 22, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has assisted USD 75, 4 million for strengthening and equipping the power system and the hydro-power system and the hydro-power plant of Gerishk district of Helmand province. 
Dr. Omar Zakhailwal Minister of Finance while the head of the Kabul Breshna Muassessa Samadi was present signed the contract with Rout Einker Director of the Asian section of the ADB. 
Zakhailwal said that this aid will be utilized for strengthening, equipping of the hydro-power plant of Gerishk district and for reconstruction of 30 km transmission line and installation of the power meters in the district consumers. 
With this he added that job opportunity will be provided for hundreds of countrymen. 
Finance ministry spokesperson Aziz Shams noted that the project will be financed through USD 43m aid of the ADB that it’s USD 20m by British government aid as well as USD 12.4 by Danish government assistance. 
He added that ADB in the past 10 years has assisted USD420m in power generation area and it is providing USD300m annually for infrastructural projects to Afghanistan.

Sunday, January 22, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Mrs. Haili Tonin Samied Prime Minister of Denmark assured president Karzai that her country will continue assisting Afghanistan after the 2014 as well. 
President Karzai yesterday afternoon welcomed the Danish premier and had a meeting at the presidential palace. 
At the meeting they discussed transition of security from the international forces to the Afghan forces, the process of peace and talks with the opposition. 
The sides also discussed Danish government assistance to Afghanistan after 2014. 
The Danish prime Minister informed president Karzai on her visit to Helmand and called security situation in Helmand as satisfactory. 
President Karzai representing the people of Afghanistan thanked the Denmark government for its assistance to the people of Afghanistan in the past ten years.

Sunday, January 22, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Inaugurating the 16th round of second legislative year of the National Assembly president Hamid Krzai emphasized that Afghanistan is not the political lab test for aliens that in every several years they should experience order and or other political structures in it. 
He added that during the past forty years several political orders were tested in our country the result of which have been destruction of social structure and values of Afghanistan. 
He stressed that I want say with seriousness and decisiveness that we shall never permit that a dangerous image of another political order is established in our country. 
Touching on the process of peace he said that despite sacrifices of the government of Afghanistan and the high peace council will continue its efforts for bringing about peace to the country. 
He emphasized that the Afghan nation is in possession of peace process and talks, and no country or alien foundation can take this right from the people of Afghanistan and Afghanistan once again reiterates on the principles and values that the recent Traditional Loya Jirgah has advised. 
He expressed the hope that those brothers who are engaged in a war against their people understand the recent developments of the country and know that war is for the benefit of aliens and only Afghans and their country is being destroyed and they will shoulder its burdens. 
He added that I am desirous that our brothers involved in the war lay down their arms immediately and stop fighting against their own country and join the peace efforts. 
He noted that despite the efforts of the government and the people of Afghanistan for restoration of peace and reduction of conflicts, unfortunately during the current year we suffered immense sacrifices and miseries. 
He regretted over the loss of life of our countrymen during the past several years by the enemies of the people of Afghanistan. 
He also expressed regret over the death of the youth who due to instigation of the Taliban and foreigners have been sent to Afghanistan and have lost their lives here. It is said that at the inaugural session of the 16th legislative round of the second legislative year of the National Assembly that was held at the building of the parliament, was also attended by vice-president, acting chairman of supreme court, Jehadi personalities, members of the cabinet and supreme court, heads of independent departments, ambassadors of friendly countries to Kabul and representatives of the international agencies. 
Another report adds that initially Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi speaker of House of People spoke and said that the National Assembly is starting its second legislative year at a time the country is facing big challenges. 
Addressing the inaugural session president Karzai in his speech described the achievements of the past year and said that during last year great steps have been taken for strengthening of the security forces, expansion of socio-economic base. 
He also mentioned the continued participation of Afghanistan at the international conferences and added that after Amani era for the first time 500 Afghan students were sent to India and Turkey at the expenses of government and his government intends to increase the special budget for the students at the foreign universities up to Afs, 500 million. 
He also recalled that during the current year some Jehadi religious, cultural personalities of the country were also targeted by the enemies and were killed.