18 September 2020

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The fourth phase of reconstruction on the ancient sites of Bamyan will start with financial aid of Japan by the Japanese specialists at the end of current month. 
So far Japan has provided USD 5 million for further consolidation of the sides of Buddha statues, archeological investigations, cleaning of its wall sides of Bamyan. 
Abdul Ahad Abbasi head of preservation and repairing of historic monuments of ministry of information and culture said that a training center for preservation of cultural heritage has been made active with the cooperation of UNESCO office of Japan and so far sites of Ghulghula of Zahak city, Kakrak and upper portions of statue has been cleared of mines and the minarets of Ghulghula city has been repaired. 
According to Abbasi the ministry with the cooperation of UNESCO intends to repair some of the shrines which are not included in the world list, adding that in charges of the ministry proposed at the Tokyo working meeting that by using of fallen pieces of the statues possibly one of the statues can be repaired. 
The ministry therefore intends with the cooperation of UNESCO and international specialists repair one of the statues. 
Also the ministry had proposed to the Tokyo specialists meeting practical repairing work be applied on the minaret of Zahak city that are included in the world heritage. 
Omar Sultan acting deputy minister of information and culture for cultural affairs said that UNESCO and foreign specialists has accepted the proposal of the ministry and it is expected during the current year Japanese specialists and UNESCO carry on archeological investigations and basic repairs in Zuhak city and also establish a museum nearby the statues of Bamyan in which the fallow pieces of the statues along with their history be preserved. 
He stressed that a site museum will also be established on the site where Dr. Tarzi is carrying archeological research. 
He added that as a result of our efforts the Bamyan statues and their surrounding as well as the Jam minaret are enlisted in the world cultural heritage and the Herat city is also a candidate to the list and it is expected that the Balkh province too especially the Nogunbed is enlisted at the world cultural heritage list. 
Agha Khan Foundation with the aid provided by Norway has facilitated electricity for homes surrounding the statues of Bamyan and its ancient sites. 
Also the road of Bamyan-Yakawlang is constructed till the end of this year with the Japanese assistance.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Kabul (BNAS) Minister of Martyrs, Crippled and Social Affairs Mrs. Amena Afzali met with the ambassador of India in Kabul yesterday in connection with cooperation of that country with this ministry. 
During this meeting, due to lauding that country’s cooperation with this ministry, Mrs. Afzali asked that country’s cooperation in connection with training of professional cadres and providing equipment and possibilities for Crippled National Institute. 
Afterwards, the Indian ambassador pledged to cooperate that institute and provide facilities for it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Many efforts are going on for the strengthening of national sovereignty, government is struggling to strengthen the national forces in order to determine the national sovereignty and make Afghani all security activities.
The strengthening of national forces and investment in this part are in fact efforts for the coming five generations.
For the attainment of this huge strategic motive long strategy is underway for the training of national forces especially Afghan National Army (ANA).
Defense Ministry along with international community is working on this strategy.
Security Council in the chairmanship of president Karzai discussed the long term strategy in their meeting that how ANA can make strengthen qualitatively and quantity.
In this meeting Defense Ministry was assigned the task to answer all the questions in the next meeting of Security Council which have been aroused in this meeting.
Currently, the training and guidance of Afghan forces are going on as a result of which the number of ANA have reached to 180 thousands and the number of Afghan police have reached to 135 thousands.
It is intended to increase the number of ANA to two and half hundred thousand.
The 2nd phase of transition process is in progress and it will be also completed successfully like its 1st process.
But still the Afghan forces are in great ordeal because till the end of 2014 six phases of transition process will be completed by handing of all security responsibilities tees to Afghan forces.
But now the question is that how six phases of transition process will be completed in the period of two years?
That’s why everyone is seeing the Afghan forces in the condition of trial but they have successfully completed the 1st phase by showing their ability.
Now the 2nd phase of transition is going on and 50 percent of security responsibilities have become Afghanized.
On the other hand the training of Afghan forces is going on expeditiously, it is anticipated that they will be equipped with heavy weapons.
The head of transition process Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai said that the 2nd phase of transition process will be completed successfully even in the restive provinces.
The people of Afghanistan have responsibility to help with their forces in this trial because the cooperation of people is considered indispensable.
Along with it the cooperation and assistance of NATO and US is also vital, to fortify Afghan forces with aerial and ground equipments, international community should do all these efforts for its own security and stability because the security and stability of Afghanistan is their own security and responsibility.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012 07:15

Suicide Attackers Killed In Paktika

Wednesday, January 11, 2012
SHARANA (BNA) Four suicide attackers who stormed Tuesday morning on a government building in Paktika were killed by Afghan security forces.
The attackers stormed at around 8:00 am on Tuesday on provincial directorate of telecommunication in Sharan, Capital city of Paktika province and took the control of the building.
After entering the building, they started firing on the nearby government buildings.
After hours of fights between Afghan security forces and the suicide attackers, all attackers were finally killed by Afghan security forces.
According to Mohammad Bashir, provincial director of information and culture for Paktia, during the fights, director of Afghan telecom is among three police officers who were killed and one police and two employees of the telecommunication were sustained injures.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Kabul (BNA) By reading out the message of President Hamid Karzai, the scientific and research seminar entitled “Ancient sites of Ainak Copper Mines of Logar, Kabul and methods of its transfer of relics in a cultural location” started its work in Kabul yesterday. 
The seminar is initiated by the academy of sciences of Afghanistan for further investigation on ancient sites of Ainak Copper Mine of Logar province. 
It is attended by scientists, scholars, cultural personalities and researchers. 
At the start of the seminar the message of president Karzai was read out by Abdul Bari Rashid chairman of the academy of sciences of Afghanistan that in part reads: 
“Afghanistan is an ancient country with its long history of culture, having left behind civilization eras, and in any part of the country there exist piles of dust indicating the culture and civilization of the ancient people of this land. 
Every year as a result of domestic and foreign archeologists in addition to the recognized areas, new sites are being detected and it adds to the ancient values of the country.” 
Meanwhile the message of ministry of information and culture was read out by Khair Mohammad Khairzada acting director of archeology department. 
The message reads. 
“The ministry of information and culture by understanding the rich contents of the ancient relics of the country especially that of Ainam Copper Mine and Kharwar regions has tried its best to protect and repair the detected relics of that area. 
So in order that relics be preserved and protected, the security organs and scientific institutions, the cultural organs should be their joint efforts take an active part in resolving the problems in this respect. 
Meanwhile, the messages of ministry of mines, Kabul University and Kabul Municipality were presented by their respective representatives. 
Also a brief research report of the international center for Kushanid research was read out at the seminar by Nazar Mohammad Azizi head of that center. 
At the meeting of the yesterday seminar scientific articles were presented by researchers and scholars as well. 
At the end of the seminar a 10-point resolution of the seminar was confirmed that said in part.”
Considering the importance and historic background of ancient sites of the south especially the Kharwar area of Logar, it is necessary that new excavations of Ainak Copper area and historic areas of Kharwar take place and a book about is compiled. 
The new excavations of Ainak Copper Mine area should be published by the media and the seminar article printed.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012 07:06

Eighth Anniversary Of Constitution Marked

Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The special week of eighth anniversary of Constitution of Afghanistan was marked by the secretariat of the Senate yesterday. 
The ceremony was attended by some members of National Assembly, Dr. Humayun Azizi minister of state for parliamentary affairs, administrative personnel of senate. 
Addressing the ceremony Fazle Hadi Muslimyar Chief of senate called the constitution as a national document and the will of the people, the source of which has been the Holy Kuran and Mohammadan Hadiths in which the rights of nationals, human dignity, freedom of speech, education, health services and other legal issues are incorporated of which all nationals of the country benefit. 
He added that this national document obliges the government to tend to the needs of the people especially the disabled, Kuchis, women and other nationals of the country.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The government of Saudi Arabia provided an assistance of three and half million Saudi Raial for purchase of furnishings and loud speakers for mosques. 
Minister of Hajj and Endowment Dr. Mohammad Yusuf appreciating the embassy of the Saudi Arabia said that the Saudi Arabia has provided furnishings for 600 mosques in 32 provinces and 500 loud speakers and the series of aid of that country is continued. 
The Saudi ambassador also said at the ceremony that as per the instructions of Prince Naef bin Abdul Aziz the Prince of Saudi Arabia, the cooperation committee of Saudi Arabia for people of Afghanistan will provide aid worth 275 million Afghanis to the ministry of education, Kabul University, theology faculty and winterization aid to the people of Afghanistan and the series of such aid is being continued.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karai in the cabinet meeting instructed the interior ministry to legally and decisively deal with the mafia groupings that are selling narcotics in the cities. 
This instruction once again demands from the security organs to undertake practical steps towards those mafia groups which are selling narcotics to the addicts. 
The BNA writes in its commentary that president Karzai not only at the cabinet meeting, but in several gatherings of the people, influential, elders, Imams of mosques, teachers and lecturers of higher education ministry time and again asked them to launch wide propaganda informing the people over the ugly phenomenon of narcotics and its harmful effects to the youth of the country. 
The president noted that income derived from the sale of narcotics is poured into the pockets of mafia and those who are engaged in war against the government and only meager of the income goes to the farmers and this way the enemies of the country want to addict more people especially to make our youth jobless. 
This issue can be accessed from several angles. Those cultivating poppy on their land, they in reality are ignoring legal crops and cultivate poison on their land and in a way they are strengthening the war front against the government and on. 
The other hand, some of the youths who are the future builders of the society become addict. 
For this, those who are resorting to such business and merely looking to their income should know that there is the future that they will be accountable and get the award of their actions. 
Mere collection of addicts and arresting of sellers of narcotics is not a lasting solution in this respect. 
Most of the users of narcotics are the youths who after returning from migration have been addicted so one of the methods that the youth be relived from destruction is to prepare job for the unemployed and to create education facilities. 
The government foundations instead of publicity, should prepare work opportunities for the youth and the more jobs are created the youth will not be instigated to use narcotics but they will work for their betterment and forget this ugly poisonous material.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The message notes that Afghanistan is an ancient country with its long history and culture, having left behind civilization eras, and in any part of the country there exist piles of dust indicating the culture and civilization of the ancient people of this land. 
Every year as a result of domestic and foreign archeologists in addition to the recognized areas, new sites are being detected and it adds to the archeological sites of the country. 
On the south of Kabul city lays the Ainak and Kharwar regions of Logar province where ample historic sites exist that are attracting the attention of the archeologists and very valuable relics have been recovered from those areas. 
The Kushnid research center of academy of sciences of Afghanistan is to be appreciated for initiating the seminar for studying and carrying of research on historical relics in this region. 
I am hopeful that the discussions of this seminar pertaining to that subject will bring about positive results. 
I wish your success, the message concludes.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012 13:33

Ammunition Cache Destroyed In Helmand

Tuesday, January 10, 2012
Lashkargah (BNA) The national army personnel and foreign forces have destroyed explosive cache of militants in Helmand province today. 
According to security directorate press office of Helmand, this cache discovered in an operation of ISAF and Afghan national security forces in Shbez and Khoshkaba area of Lashkarga city. 
100 sacks of Ammonium Nitrate, 5 sacks of materials used in making mines and 300 meters of lines which used for exploding of mines were destroyed by these forces. 
This explosive material belonged to Mullah Jabar a key commander of Taliban and was transferred by Mullah Zaki from Pakistan to this area.  Translated by Suraya-Yarzada