08 August 2020

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Monday, 28 November 2011 07:32

Pak Foreign Ministry Summons US Ambassador

Islamabad: Pakistani ministry of foreign affairs has summoned Cameron Monter, the US ambassador in Islamabad to protest for the recent NATO air strikes on Pakistani security forces. 
Pakistan foreign affairs ministry on Saturday evening issued a statement that US ambassador to Islamabad had been summoned to Pakistan ministry of foreign affairs for protesting the NATO attacks on Pakistani security checkpoints based in tribal areas of north-western Muhamand agency. 
Based on the statement, Salman Bashir, deputy minister of foreign affairs told Cameron Monter, the US ambassador to Islamabad NATO helicopters attacks on Pakistani security forces that killed 23 Pakistani security forces and injured 15 others are not acceptable. 

Kabul (BNA) Kabul Star Hotel was the scene last evening of sixth anniversary of establishment of Kabul people’s Shura, election of chairman and the members of board of directors of chamber of commerce and industries. 
Addressing the participants, Dr. Sayed Makhdom Raheen, Minister of Information and Culture and Chairman of the Kabul Shura congratulated the members of the Shura and said that the time passes fast, six years back when the issues of establishment of this Shura was taken up, friends supported and the Shura of Kabul people was formed and they striving at this Shura. 
He added that democracy, civil society, women rights, freedom of speech, freedom of press and other such issues having direct connection with progress and prosperity of the national have their important role, the Kabul Shura is prideful to be serving this cause and are trying their best to preserve civilization in the country and work towards national unity. 
He added that Kabul is still suffering, still it is recalling its past miserable moments, and still it has to heal its wounds. 
He noted that the members of the Kabul Shura try their best for rehabilitation of this city. 
He stressed that women in Kabul have suffered the most. 
Addressing the audience Azerakhsh Hafezi Chairman of international relations of the Chambers of Commerce and Industries said that there is great difference between our and others culture, the base of our culture is love indeed, for our elders want to conquer the world through their love and affection. 
He added that his gathering is the sign of unity, consensus and friendship of the people of Kabul indicating that our Kabulis want to live in fraternity and unity with each other.

Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai had thanked the recent measure adopted by the lawmakers to give votes of confidence to the three picked nominees for Central Bank, NDS and a member of the commission for monitoring implementation of the constitution. 
According to the presidential press office, the house of people members had given votes of confidence to the three professional individuals picked by the government such as Norullah Delawari as governor for the Central bank, Rahmatullah Nabil as chief for NDS and Abdul Munib Danish as a member for monitoring commission on implementation of the constitution. 
The president lauded the recent attempt of the Wolesi Jerga members and called a measure adopted in accordance with the constitution of the country to provide the three presented individuals with votes of confidence, hoping them to go forward with success in their services for the people.

Monday, 28 November 2011 06:58

National Museum Website Opened

Kabul (BNA) The Website for the National Museum was inaugurated by Omar Sultan acting deputy minister for cultural affairs of information and culture. 
Supported by the US financial support and designed by the foundation of cultural home of Afghanistan is divided into nine sections in Dari, Pashto and English languages. 
Omar Sultan thanked those helped in designing of the website. 
Meanwhile, Omarakhan Masoudi head of the national museum told the audience that through this website we can link our museum with world museums. 
He thanked the staff of the museum that assisted in preparing the website as well.

Kabul (BNA) People, particularly, young generation should be encouraged to book-reading:  Dr. Raheen

Sayed Makhdoom Raheen, Minister of Information and Culture visited the scientific and professional books exhibition initiated by the Kabul Shura with the cooperation of ministry, the Iranian embassy and some other publishing agencies of the Cultural Center of France. 
Dr. Raheen told the audience at the opening ceremony, today we are witness an exhibition organized with the cooperation of several publishing agencies. 
Afghanistan is the oldest country and three thousand years back the Usta book in Balkh was compiled by Zardasht. 
He added that book-making in Islamic era in different spheres of life took a better shape in our country. 
During the Islamic civilization were produced thousands of books under our influence in other territories the example of which exist in the libraries in Europe and Central Asia. 
He noted that there is need for attention that the people especially the youth be attracted the culture of book reading, stressing that considering this issue the ministry of information and culture has named a special week for book reading and study and proposed to the ministry of labor, social affairs, martyrs and disabled that this week should be envisaged in the calendars of the coming year. 
Deputy Head of the French Cultural Center also talked on the importance of book reading and study. 
Jahan Shahi Cultural Attachés of Iranian embassy in Kabul called such exhibition as positive step and emphasized on cooperation of his country in launching such exhibitions.

Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan received the elders of the Parwan, Panjsher Kapisa and Baghlan provinces in a meeting held at the presidential palace. 
According to the presidential press office, in addition the governors of the said provinces had also attended the meeting in which on behalf Kapisa elders, Mawlavi Gul Alam called the holding of the Traditional Loya Jerga a successful event held and concluded with a good conclusion in Kabul city. 
President Karzai said, he was pleasure over the elder’s satisfaction on the traditional loya jirga resolution. 
“You had deputed the people of Afghanistan and secured their rights”, the president said adding that the traditional Jirga had spread deep roots among the people of the country. 
Likewise, at the meeting, Mohammad Shuiab Saiqal, Ahmad Zaki Zahed, Mawlavi Gul Mohammad and Dr. Mohammad Sami Faisal on behalf the elders of Panjsher, Parwan, Kapisa and Baghlan spoke and discussed their problems in the areas of lack of power energy, health services and education. 
They also asked for increase in the raw of the national police in their provinces, creation of second road on Kabul-Jabalussaraj highway, consolidation of Panjsher seashores, development of tourism and creation of national parks in the province. 
Construction of schools and promotion of higher education to the university level in Baghlan province and further attention on the highway between Dushi and Pul-e-Khumri had also been discussed at the meeting. 
The president heard all discussions of the elders and assured them for tackling the through the related organs.

Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai in a meeting of the Nationals Security Council (NSC) ratified the administrative units including cities and provinces where the second phase of security transition is expected to be implemented. 
According to the presidential press office, Balkh, Daykundi, Takhar, Samangan, Kabul and Nimroz provinces would completely be covered by the second phase of the security transition process. 
Likewise, the cities of Jalalabad, Cheghcheran, Sheberghan, Faizabad, Ghazni, Maidanshar and Qalal-e-Naw are among the cities would be covered by the security transition process in the second round, the statement said. 
Also, the districts of Shahr-e-Buzorg, Yaftal Sufla, Arghanj, Baharak, Teshkan, Keshm and Argu in northern Badakhshan province, district of Abe Kamari in Badghis, Nawa, Nadali and Marja districts in Helmand, all districts of Herat province except Shindand, Oubi, and Chasht-e-Sharif districts, Qarghaye district in Laghman, Behsoud, Kuz Kunar, Kama and Surkhrod districts in Nangarhar , the entire districts of Parwan province except Shinwari and Syagerd, all districts. Of Sar-e-Pul except Sayyad and the districts of 1st part of Besoud, Jelriz and center of Behsod in Maidan Wardak would also be the areas, where the second round of security transition process would be implemented.
This is worth mentioning that the first round of security transition had been implemented in Bamyan and Panjsher provinces completely, Kabul except Sarubi district, Herat city, Lashkargah city in Helmand, Mazar-e-Sharif in Balkh and Mehtralam in Laghman had successfully been covered by the first phase of the security transition process earlier. 
By the last day’s president Karzai resolution, 50 per cent of the population would be covered by the second phase of the security transition process in the country.

Kabul (BNA) A soldier of NATO killed in the east of Afghanistan today.
According to the reports, the mentioned soldier has been killed in a roadside mine explosion.
A press released which published by NATO press office, the place of the incident and the identity of the killed soldier has not mentioned.

Kabul (BNA) The national army personnel and coalition forces in several mopping up operations in some provinces of the country killed 12 armed oppositions and detained 21 others yesterday. 
National defense ministry press office said to BNA, the mentioned operations carried out in the vicinities of Kandahar, Logar, Nangarhar, Helmand, Khost, Zabul, Farah and Urozgan provinces, in which 12 armed opposition were killed and 21 others have been detained. 
In these operations, 9 motorbikes, an 82 mm gun, 40 Kalashnikovs, 2 PK machine guns, 2 grenades, a set of communication means, a pistol and a quantity of light arms were seized by these forces. 
Meanwhile, the national army personnel discovered and defused 41 anti-vehicle mines and 2 sacks of hashish from vicinities of Kandahar and Zabul provinces. 
Five national army personnel have been injured during their security mission in the vicinities of Logar and Urozgan province, said the source.   Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Sunday, 27 November 2011 09:01

Workshop Held At MoHE

Kabul (BNA) A two day advisory workshop was held yesterday at Afghan ministry of higher education for self-evaluating.
Progress during evaluation and improvements of capacity at the ministry are to be reviewed at the workshop.
At the opening ceremony of the workshop, Mohammad Usman Baburi, deputy minister of Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) spoke about the recent developments made at the ministry and said the ministry started focusing on this issue two years ago and good results have come out of holding such workshops.
Baburi considered that the workshop aims at accessing to high education and improvement of higher quality and said the ministry is trying to care of world standards by enhancing the capacity building level at the ministry.
The workshop is attended by 150 employees of the ministry including general directors, deputy chancellors for higher education institution, representatives of World Bank, USAID and other allied institutions.
The workshop will end today.