04 June 2020

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Sunday May 31, 2020
Kabul (BNA) A special meeting, chaired by the country’s Second Vice-President Mohammad Sarwar Danesh, was held to set a new work program for both the governmental and non-governmental organizations in the country, said a statement from his office Saturday.
The meeting which was attended by the heads of governmental and non-governmental organizations resolved that to avoid further outbreak of the coronavirus disease, the administrations should arrange their work plans based on two shifts following even and odd days of a week and from 7 am till 1 pm, the statement said.
Under the meeting resolution, financial and banking workers and money exchangers are excepted from the said work plan and instructed to continue their works besides taking the advices of the ministry of public health serious.
At the meeting, this was also discussed that authorized representatives from the ministry of labor and social affairs, ministry of public health, Kabul governor, representatives of the private sector and the office of the president special representative for economic and trade expansion and reduction of poverty to provide the private sector work rules in a joint meeting and present to the next meeting for finalization, according to the statement.
Acting minister of work and social affairs Sayed Anwar Sadat said the procedure was set for both the governmental and non-governmental organizations to prevent further outbreak of coronavirus in the country.
The procedure was instructed to be practiced by the ministry of labor and social affairs, after it was approved by the meeting members, the statement added.
Representatives of the education and higher education ministries have also shared their views about the resumption of the lessons and holding entrance exams for universities and have been asked to talk on the issue in a joint meeting with the related organs including the ministry of labor and social affairs and share their opinions with the next meeting in order to take final decision.
Needed preparation by the national entrance exam administration, has also been instructed to be taken for holding the entrance exam, the statement further said.
Domestic and foreign flights have also been said to be arranged based on the national and international health procedures, the statement said.

Sunday May 31, 2020
HERAT CITY (BNA) Eight members of a family lost their lives following traffic incident in Adraskan district, Herat-Kandahar highway last night.
BNA quoting Jailani Farhad spokesman of Herat governor reported, the incident took place while vehicle of the family smashed with a truck in relevant areas of Adraskan district, Herat-Kandahar highway, in which eight members of a same family lost their lives and a child was wounded.
Women and children were among the deaths, Jailani added.


Sunday May 31, 2020
CHARIKAR CITY (BNA) Three people lost their lives and five more were wounded following mortar attack in central Parwan province late on Saturday.
Wahida Shahkar spokesman of Parwan governor told BNA correspondent, the mortar shell fired by Taliban fighters and hit on a residential area in Joy Dukhtar region, Siyagard district of the province, as a result three people lost their lives and five more were wounded.
Taliban said nothing about the incident so far, but residents of the area claimed that the mortar shell fired by local police personnel.


Sunday May 31, 2020
Kabul (BNA) President Ashraf Ghani presided over the government leadership virtual meeting at the presidential palace yesterday and discussed a range of issues particularly free bread distribution initiative to the needy people in 33 cities and challenges to its implementation.
According to BNA report, First Vice-president Amrullah Saleh said a number of volunteer individuals and civil society members in the capital and provinces joined hand with the government and contributed to the bread distribution process.
The first vice-president said municipalities, guilds, unions, ulama, vendors and shop owners should be engaged in the process to help the government use available resources and capacities to reach out to more people in need, while ensuring transparency in the process.
First Vice-President Saleh added that those bakeries, neighbourhood representatives, civil servants and activists who have taken an active part in the process should be recognized a commended.
Abdul Matin Bek, IDLG General Director presented his report on the distribution process and said thousands of families in need could benefit from the initiative and underlined that efforts have been in place to minimize the challenges ahead.
Daoud Sultanzoy, the Kabul Mayor said the initiative is going on properly in Kabul in collaboration with the neighbourhood representatives. He added that the challenges are not very serious that can slow down or disrupt the process, underscoring that the Kabul Municipality stands ready to ramp up efforts to deliver more assistance to people.
President Ghani expressed appreciation to all individuals and institutions engaged in the process and said addressing the needs of the poor is among the paramount priorities of the government.
He added that government has put well-devised plans in place to deal with the negative effects and fallout caused by the spread of coronavirus.
The president instructed the relevant institutions to create a database of the poor and destitute people to help the government to address their needs in times of hardship and crisis.
The president expressed satisfaction over the lessons learned and experiences earned after and during spread of corona virus in the country that enabled the government to mobilize available resources to manage assistance delivery initiatives such as bread distribution to the poor.
He highlighted the government of Afghanistan was able for the first time to take over and manage a wide-ranging initiative in a short period of time without being relied on other institutions.
The president talked over the cooperation by the private sector, mosques, social institutions and stressed the need to ensure transparency in the process. He said the responsible institutions need to share details of their expenses with the Ministry of Finance to assure Afghan people of transparency in the process.
President Ashraf Ghani shed light on other assistance packages of the government in the future and said with the support of the World Bank, the government is working on assistance packages to be able to provide essential items to our poor compatriots along with bread distribution program.
The government leadership also analysed and reviewed the current status in fighting covid-19, predications and challenges, level of preparation of health institutions as well as public awareness programs.
Given the fact that currently there is no medicine to treat covid-19 and the high vulnerability of our people, the government leadership stressed that people need to follow health instructions and instructed the Ministry of Public Health and other pertinent institutions to extend their efforts to implement their plans on fighting the pandemic.


Sunday May 31, 2020
FAIZABAD CITY (BNA) Four Taliban fighters have joined to peace process in northeastern Badakhshan province yesterday.
Hadi Jamal in-charge of press office in 217 Pamir army corps told BNA reporter, the Taliban militants by understanding truth put down their weapons and joined to peace process in Yaftal Payeen district of the province.
By jointing of the them to peace process, security situation will improved in some parts of the district, Jamal added.


Friday May 29, 2020
CHARIKAR CITY (BNA) Foodstuffs have been distributed to hundreds poor and destitute families in central Parwan province yesterday.
According to BNA report, the foodstuffs have been distributed to 900 needy and affected families due to COVID-19 in Charikar city the provincial capital of Parwan province.
Shah Wali Shahid deputy governor of Parwan said, the distributed aids included four, rice, cooking ghee, bean, tea and salt.
Meanwhile, Mohammad Haroon Noor representative of civil society in Parwan told, central government have allocated 20 million Afghanis aiming to fight COVID-19 to Parwan province that half of the budget bought health equipment and 8 million Afghani purchased foodstuffs.
Distribution process of foodstuffs continue to needy and affected families in center and districts of the province, Noor a

Friday May 29, 22020
FIROZ KOH CITY (BNA) Four Taliban fighters were arrested by Afghan security  forces in western Ghor province, BNA reported.
Security officials in Ghor told, the militias were arrested while they wanted to establish checkpoint in Dahsn Qeyaghak region, Firoz Koh city the provincial capital of the province.
Four weapons have seized from them as well, security officials added.


Friday May 29, 20202
MAHMOUD RAQI CITY (BNA) Vehicle of Mawlawi Aminuddin Muzafari deputy minister of Hajj and Religious Affair hit on road side mine in Kapisa province yesterday.
According to BNA report, Abdul Shareq Shurush spokesman of Kapisa police chief told media, the incident took place in Deh Muzafar region, Hase-e-Duwem district of Kapisa province.
Shurush added that a bodyguard of Mr. Muzafari lost his life and three others were wounded, but the deputy minister survived.


Friday May 29, 2020
FAIZABAD CITY (BNA) Recent flash floods have caused heavy financial losses in three districts of northeastern Badakhshan province.
According to BNA report, the flash floods affected farmers and ranchers in relevant areas of Jorm, Baharak and Shuhada districts of the province.
The people lost their hiuses, agricultural lands and livestock in the districts.
The affected people demand from local and central government to assist with them.
Sayed Abdullah Hamayoun Dehqan head of ccounter-disaster department in Badakhshan said, a delegation organized from representatives of charity organizations have dispatched to the districts to assess the flash floods’ losses.

Thursday, May 28, 2020
Kabul (BNA) The Ministry of Public Health on Wednesday reported 625 new positive cases of COVID-19 across the country over the past 24 hours, bringing the total cases in Afghanistan to 12,456. New cases reported in Kabul (360), Herat (108), Balkh (50), Parwan (26), Takhar (24), Kunar (14), Baghlan (9), Panjshir (9), Nangarhar (5), Laghman (8), Bamiyan (2), Kunduz (1), Farah (1), and Ghor (8). Seven COVID-19 patients died in the past 24 hours, according to Wahid Majroh, deputy minister of public health.
The total number of reported deaths from the coronavirus in Afghanistan is now 227. Addressing press at the government media and information center, he said that another 10 patients recovered from the virus in the western province of Herat.
The number of recoveries nationwide is 1,138. Data by the Ministry of Public Health indicates there are 11,091 known active cases of COVID-19 in the country. So far, the Ministry of Public Health has tested 33,864 samples, according to the ministry.
The ministry warned Afghan citizens of increasing cases, if quarantine and health instructions not followed. Meanwhile, Kabul Governor Mohammad Yaqub Haidari said that after the cabinet decided to start the conditional activities of the guilds in Kabul, the department was ready to monitor its implementation. Emphasizing that there should be a thermometer in shops and that the social distance should be maintained separately, he added: "If the procedure is not followed, the authorities will close the guilds again." Abdul Manan Shiway Sharq, Deputy Minister of Information and Culture for publication affairs said that the budget for public awareness have been specified for the provinces, adding that the ministry would soon make it public as part of specific media deals.
The number of deaths from COVID-19 globally is more than 350,862 and the number of global coronavirus cases is 5,606,925, according to Johns Hopkins University.


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