16 July 2019

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July 11, 2019
Kandahar (BNA) Sixteen Taliban terrorists were killed in Kandahar province last night.
Police official of Kandahar security commandment told BNA local correspondent, the Taliban were targeted in afghan security forces with support of coalition forces in outskirt of Arghistan District.
The operation still continues there till annihilation of insurgents.
T. Yarzada


Friday June 28, 2019
Kabul (BNA) I refer to Faisal Al Yafai’s thoughtful opinion piece Taliban talks must provide more than a route to an abrupt US withdrawal from Afghanistan (June 26). With the US, Russia and other important nations taking so much interest in resolving the complex issues in Afghanistan, the world must bring about a fruitful end to the decades-old conflict that has killed thousands of people and devastated the already fragile nation as a whole. As far as ordinary citizens, especially young people, are concerned, they need their lives back with peace and dignity to allow them to work and live. Let’s hope the talks with the Taliban continue and produce an immediate end to the crisis. For the Trump administration, it is also critical to bring US troops back home without much damage – physically or economically.
Despite the fact that US troops have been on Afghan soil for two decades, their presence never brought about a lasting solution to the core issues. The growing insecurity facing the Afghan people is a serious concern, not only for the government of Afghanistan, but also for its neighboring countries and other developed nations and organizations such as the United Nations. The longer this issue rolls on, the more death and destruction will occur, so it remains a priority for the whole world.
Ramachandran Nair, Muscat
The Abu Dhabi-Dubai train is another milestone for the UAE
I write in reference to your article Etihad rail approves Dubai-Abu Dhabi train contracts (June 25). The National’s piece on the proposed Abu Dhabi to Dubai high-speed rail link is excellent news, not just for the people of the Emirates but also possibly in the future for tourists who would like to visit both major cities. While initial plans are for freight purposes, who knows what this might lead to? This project is another milestone in the UAE’s history and trajectory. It will stand the UAE in excellent stead moving forward.
K Ragavan, Bengaluru
The UAE is a peaceful nation that does not want war
I write in reference to your online article UAE committed to de-escalating tensions and securing energy supply, Adnoc CEO says (June 26). It is wise to call for de-escalation but those responsible for the attack on tankers must be rooted out. The UAE is, and has always been, a peaceful nation enjoying cordial relations with most of its neighbors. This practice of attacking tankers must stop as it is helping no one.
Nazim Hasan Khan, India
Yemen’s ancient treasures simply must be protected
I write in reference to your article Yemen’s struggle to protect its ancient treasures from looters (June 24). This is really sad. Ancient treasures need to be protected as they constitute Yemen’s national heritage.
Name withheld by request
The problem of diabetes begins in childhood
I write in reference to your article Number of people with diabetes in Middle East to double within 30 years (June 23). A lack of exercise and consumption of unhealthy food is the cause of this worrying rise. The problem starts in childhood, with children eating unhealthy and processed foods. Fast food is far too accessible and cheap for young people today.


Friday June 28, 2019
Kabul (BNA) A peace agreement with the Taliban in Afghanistan appears closer than ever before, said NATO Secretary General on Wednesday.  Addressing a press conference ahead of the NATO Defense Ministers' meeting in Brussels, Jens Stoltenberg underlined the need of political and military support for Afghanistan to achieve sustainable peace in the war-torn country. "We are closer to a peace deal now than we have ever been before in Afghanistan. And all NATO Allies strongly support the peace efforts," he said, according to an official statement from his office, referring an Afghan peace negotiation between the U.S. and Taliban. Both sides are set to hold the seventh round of talks later this month in Doha, Qatar.
He called the recent settlement efforts "a real peace process," and reiterated his support to the political solution to the Afghan crisis. "These talks are the only way to peace," he added. "For NATO the best way to support those peace efforts is to provide train, advise and assist support to the Afghan army and security forces because the Taliban has to understand that they will never win on the battlefield." Stoltenberg added the best way to support the peace efforts is to provide political support as well as to help the Afghan army with trainers and fundings. , advise and assist the Afghan army and security forces because the Taliban has to understand that they will never win on the battlefield.
NATO chief expressed his condolences "to all those who have lost loved ones and family members" from the member states of the military alliance in Afghanistan. Two American soldiers got killed in a Taliban-claimed attack in the central Afghan province of Maidan Wardak, the U.S. Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A) confirmed on Wednesday. A day earlier, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo briefly visited the Afghan capital Kabul on an unannounced trip to the insurgency-riddled country.
“While we have made it clear to the Taliban we are prepared to remove our forces, I want to be clear, we have not yet agreed on a timeline to do so,” the local Tolo News quoted him as saying after the meeting on Tuesday. ''Simultaneously, the United States is laying the ground force for intra-Afghan negotiations to begin as soon as possible. Objective of those negotiations is for Afghans to agree on a timeline and a political roadmap for reaching a comprehensive peace agreement,” he added. U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad, who leads the U.S. delegation in Doha talks, stressed last week that the aim behind the ongoing peace talks with the Taliban is a comprehensive peace deal, not a withdrawal agreement. In a series of tweets ahead of the seventh round of talks with the Taliban, Khalilzad said a comprehensive peace agreement is made up of four interconnected parts: counter-terrorism assurances, troop withdrawal, intra-Afghan negotiations that lead to a political settlement; and a comprehensive and permanent ceasefire.
According to the NATO Secretary General, the U.S. Envoy has been consulting closely with all Allies. '“Of course, one of the important aspects of any potential peace deal will be how can we have a mechanism in place to make sure that it is respected, implemented, verifiable. Therefore, it is no easy way to peace but we need a political solution. We need a negotiated solution”, he said.
Anadolu agency

Friday June 28, 2019
Kabul (BNA) During recent meetings between the sides, security cooperation was one of the key concerns, with the region’s stability being the priority of both countries in addition to the growing need for Central Asian co-operation. “We promised to co-operate more, to enhance the security of both countries, also with regards to the stability of the region. And, as you know, Kazakhstan is actually the key country for the security of the entire Central Asia. Of course, Kazakhstan is also focused on the issue of security in Afghanistan. In fact, there should be even more co-operation between the Central Asian countries,” he said. Afghanistan appreciated Kazakhstan’s work while it held a rotating seat on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) in 2017-2018. The meeting of the ambassadors of the UNSC member states in Kabul organized by Kazakh Ambassador to the UN Kairat Umarov was particularly helpful in bringing attention to Afghanistan’s problems.
“Globally, Kazakhstan plays an effective and efficient role related to the different conflicts in the region, Asia and Eurasia, like the initiative of Kazakhstan in the case of Ukraine. And the effective role of Kazakhstan was felt during the UN Security Council membership. They raised a lot of issues to the Security Council that we are thankful for. They brought all members of the Security Council to Afghanistan and they were able to see our issues. We are thankful for that,” said Azimi. Another important issue in Kazakh-Afghan cooperation is the educational experience exchange. Azimi is hopeful it will continue. “Universities in Kazakhstan host a lot of Afghan students. In the past, the Elbasy (Leader of the Nation, the constitutional title accorded to Nursultan Nazarbayev) provided a thousand scholarships for Afghan students and recently with some economic problems here in Kazakhstan, they didn’t extend this program, but they promised to do so in the future. We are optimistic about the extension of this program,” said Azimi.
While the $50 million program was not expanded per se, Kazakhstan does now offer 30 scholarships to Afghan students annually. And just last month, the European Union signed an agreement with the UN Development Program to administer a trilateral education cooperation arrangement where the EU will finance the teaching of Afghan women in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Increasing the business turnover up to $1 billion is one of the main objectives of the Afghan diplomatic mission to Kazakhstan. Meetings to promote exports from Afghanistan to Kazakhstan and reach a bilateral strategic partnership are being held between the sides.
“We are trying to increase the business turnover up to a billion dollars. We are trying to promote exports from Afghanistan to Kazakhstan. We are trying to arrange the meetings and presentations with the investors here in Kazakhstan… At the same time, we are trying to reach a bilateral strategy partnership between the two countries, which is actually very important for both countries,” he said. To increase the turnover, certain Kazakh facilities available to other Central Asian countries’ exporters, but not to Afghanistan, are being negotiated. “We are trying to solve some customs problems between the two countries, with our exporters currently facing some challenges. Some facilities (cool storage, tax amounts) are available for exporters from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan and they are currently not available for the Afghan exporters. We are currently trying to negotiate this part,” he said.
An event bringing together Kazakh and Afghan entrepreneurs is tentatively scheduled this summer in Kabul. “In July, the Atameken (National Chamber of Entrepreneurs) is trying to organize an event with the Afghan side in Kabul, to bring both countries’ business people together,” said Azimi.

Friday June 28, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Mumbai, India – Exporters of Afghanistan’s finest fruits, nuts, spices, honey, and juices left a Mumbai trade event this week with contracts worth more than $123 million from buyers in India, one of the most lucrative trade events for Afghan agriculture exporters in recent years. More than 55 exporters showcased their products at the two-day “Made in Afghanistan: Nature’s Best” Mumbai Trade Mission and Exhibition, organized by USAID in partnership with the Afghan Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock and the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce & Industries. Fruit led the way with $56 million in deals, followed by As a foetida, or ‘hing,’ a spice used in food and cosmetics, with $43 million in deals.
Contracts worth $15 million were signed for nuts, primarily for pistachios and almonds. Saffron reeled in deals valued at $4.6 million, while another $2.7 million was signed for other spices. Juices and honey made up the rest. “Coming to India was a game changer for us,” said Hasina Bezhan Zaeefi, owner of Akaam Zaeefi, one of the women exporters invited to participate. “It gave us access to major Indian buyers.”
USAID is linking Afghan producers of high-value products with buyers from all over the world to benefit the Afghan economy and their journey to self-reliance.

Friday June 28, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Born in 2000 AD in a sport loving family, student of faculty of journalism, Manizha Adela member of ITF Afghanistan is holder of (Dan-1) Black Belt from international federation. Our sport correspondent has made the following interview with this sportswoman. At the outset, talking on his sport life and achievements, she said, due to my enthusiast to sport seven years ago, I started to learn Taekwondo professionally under the training of Ustad Abdul Basir Yusufi the qualified trainer of our country. She added, due to continued exercises, ultimately I managed to acquire membership of Afghanistan National Taekwondo Team and ITF in 2017. I performed six races in the weight of 50 kg and achieved first and second positions and I have received 6 gold medals. In Ramadan cup and Peace Cup I achieved first position and gold medal.
Talking on her foreign competitions, Manizha Adela said, in 2015 I attended international competitions hosted by Pakistan and in the weight of 56kg received a gold medal in 2018 competitions in Nepal, I overcame my three rivals and received a gold medal. Talking on the mystery of her victories, she went on to say, I fought at close quarters with all problems ahead, and achieved my championship dreams. My family and trainer Ustad Abdul Basir Yusufi had encouraged me. Since the beginning I intended to gain gold medals to my country. “Sport gifts to people valuable sense. Everybody, specially, ladies should be involved with their favorite sport” she concluded.
Nangyalay Osmani

Friday June 28, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Recently, NATO Secretary General (SG) Yens Stoltenberg has said that the Taliban wouldn’t succeed on battlegrounds and they should find a political solution to end war in Afghanistan.
He stressed that all NATO alliances will support US efforts on restoring peace in Afghanistan. NATO’s secretary general added that his organization would continue supporting Afghan security forces and would ensure their expenditures by 2024. “Presence of NATO forces in Afghanistan depends on the peace agreement that will be signed between the involved sides,” he went on to say. A two-day meeting expected to be attended by NATO’s 29 member states’ defense ministers in the organization’s headquarters in Brussels will also discuss peace and security in Afghanistan. NATO and its partners will support Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) by three financial funds, one of which is the national army’s contribution fund.
According to NATO officials, the donor countries have assisted $2.800 bln by May 15, 2019 to the fund. NATO member states hope Afghanistan reaches a peace agreement before holding presidential elections and call their forces’ presence in accordance with it. Besides, NATO defense ministers are expected to extend their continued commitments to Afghanistan, particularly in term of further strengthening of ANDSF and security entities. Stressing on efforts ongoing to restore lasting peace and form a regional consensus, experts say that the Taliban should negotiate with the government of Afghanistan and all superpowers, regional countries and international organizations should cooperate in this regard.
An expert Amir Mohammad believes that the Taliban want the foreign forces to pullout from Afghanistan, therefore, if it is done, all financial and humanitarian expenditures of the international community and people of Afghanistan spent over the last year would go in vain.
He added if the world countries want to restore sustaining peace in Afghanistan and protect the achievements made over the last eighteen years, should pressure the Taliban supporter countries so they join peace process. A political expert Aminzoy said that the Taliban should reach an agreement with the government of Afghanistan to end the ongoing war in the country and then the international community and government decide about international forces’ mission procedure. He added no political agreement would succeed in absence of the Afghan government. This comes as based on the Taliban sources with an international media, they are committed not to allow Daesh and al-Qaeda groups to organize attacks against other countries through Afghanistan. Taliban sources told Reuters Agency that they have agreed upon an agreement’s draft with the US which will help pave the way to end war in Afghanistan. This is while that efforts are ongoing in regional and international levels to ensure peace in Afghanistan, and it will come true with foreign interferences to be cut in the country’s affairs.
Suraya Raiszada

Thursday June 27, 2019
Kabul (BNA) More than 65 anti-government militias were killed during joint military operations led by Afghan security forces within the last 24 hours across the country.
Ministry of National Defense press office stated BNA, the military operations have launched to suppress armed oppositions, ensure peace and stability and protect the lives and properties of people in insecure areas of Zabul, Ghazni, Urozgan, Takhar, Khost, Helmand, Badakshan, Kunar, Paktia, Herat, Balkh and Sar-e-Pul provinces.
26 militants were wounded and seven more have arrested during the operations, the source added.
Meanwhile, Afghan air forces have carried out 136 flights for supporting Afghan security forces at the framework of the military operations, the source concluded.


Thursday, 27 June 2019 12:24

ASF Air Raid Kills Taliban Militants

Thursday, June 27, 2019
Qala-e-Naw (BNA) The Afghan Security Forces conducting air raid in Ghormach District, Badghis province killing four armed Taliban militants.
According to Shaheen 209 army corps press office to BNA, the raid carried out in Shahzada village of the mentioned district, Mullah Qodos Mullar Ghafar and Mullar Jabar with other insurgent of Taliban terrorist group were killed and five others seriously injured.
In the air raid, all war equipment and vehicles of the militants have been demolished, said the source.
T. Yarzada


Thursday, June 27, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Based on Union of money exchangers in Sari Shahzada, Kabul city, the exchange rate of Afghani as a follow:
One Dollar                                                              81/50        Afs
One Pound Sterling                                            102/10       Afs
One Euro                                                            92       Afs
One Emirate’s Dirham                                       22       Afs
One Thousand Pakistani Rupees                           516       Afs
One Thousand Indian Rupees                              1160       Afs
One Thousand Iranian Rupees                            06/10       Afs


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