29 March 2017

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The security personnel of Afghan in the level of second term of transition have delivered officially the responsibility of security of Balkh province today.The German forces was busy to strength of security besides the Afghan forces in Balkh province up to now. Doctor Ashraf Ghani Ahmad Zia head of the transition commission of responsibilities security from foreign forces to Afghan forces said in Balkh. The government has decided with the assistance of world society will be more equipped the Afghan forces for made more security themselves and more defense. Ahmad Zia talked during the transition responsibility of security Balkh to the Afghan forces in Mazar-i-Shareaf city and said the Afghan forces will be equipped with the modern arm as soon as possible. Ata Mohammad Nor governor of Balkh in this function the accepted of security responsibility from foreign forces expressed readiness but he asked the government and world society will be take measure in increased of less and equipped of Afghan forces to more than  modern arm. The ambassador of Germany in Afghanistan was present in this ceremony emphasized to his country cooperation for Afghanistan after 2014 year. He said that his country also assure to equip and training of Afghan forces. Its coming up to 2014 Christian year the world society will be ended to their military presence to Afghanistan and the Afghan forces will be take the responsibilities of all over security and defense of Afghanistan.

An influential of ethnic killed by the Taliban in Posht Road district of Farah province last night.

Ghousedin district-governor of Posht Road Farah province said to BIA. Hajji Gulam Hazrat influential of ethnic while on the way to his home in Sang Gulag village this district was killed by two motorcyclists riding. This influential of ethnic several times called the politic of armed Taliban apposite of religious. The district-governor of Posht Road said, that the Taliban was warning to him prevented the spoken apposite of them. The district-governor of Posht Road said police assessed the case and no one has been arrested related killed of this influential.

Seven armed oppositions were killed in Farib province last night. Abdul Haq Shafaq governor of Farib province in a telephone chat said to BIA.  In an air attack by the ISAF forces apposite of armed opposition in Qazal Qallah area district of Pashtoon Cot of that province seven armed oppositions were killed at last night. The Governor of Farib said the killing bodies were released in the area but no has casualties to the civilian in the area. He said four Kalashnikovs, one PK and eight grenades were handed by the police from the area.

Wednesday, January25th, 2012 Kabul.

The press sources of ministry interior affairs said thirteen armed oppositions were killed nine were injured and six others were captured during the operations of security personnel in different areas of country.

BIA reported as the quoting of declaration ministry of Interior affairs, these operations was doing in the surrounding areas of Kabul, Laghman and Kapesa provinces besides killed and injured a number of armed oppositions quantity of ammunition and explosive device were handed by the police. According to and other reports, in the declaration of ministry interior affairs said during the 24 hours last a large number of road side mines was placed by the terrorists for destroyed of public situation along the road and public areas they discovered from surrounding areas of Nangarhar, Laghman, Urozgan Helmand and Kandahar and prevented of a number terrorist incident. Meanwhile the Kabul police have captured five persons accused to criminal cases like stolen, selling of narcotic and injured of the persons from 1st, second and 16th zones of Kabul city.