13 December 2017

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Sunday, January 22, 2012
Kabul (BNA) A copter of national army forces crashed in Badakhshan province today. 
Dr. Shah Wali Adeeb governor of Badakhshan said to BNA, two copters of the national defense ministry was rescuing the students from Arghanjkho that one of them due to technical problem crashed.
The crew of the copter had no casualties, said the source.
Students after passing the university entering exam in Shaghnan district was returning to their houses, faced with a heavy avalanche. Two students were martyred and 20 others were wounded.
The health condition of 4 injured students reported critical, said the source. 
Jan Mohammad a resident of Arghanjkhwa criticizing the higher education ministry said, this ministry took the exam late and hundreds of students couldn’t participate in it. 
Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Sunday 22 Junuary. Kabul (BNA)

France appeared to lessen the prospect of an early withdrawal from the 10-year war in Afghanistan on Saturday, stressing its commitment to the country after an Afghan soldier killed four of its troops.

Defence Minister Gerard Longuet and Chief of Defence staff Admiral Edouard Guillaud flew into Afghanistan for emergency talks a day after the president threatened to order a swift exit of its 3,600 troops on the ground.

Paris reacted furiously after an Afghan soldier on Friday shot dead four unarmed soldiers and wounded 15 others as they completed a work-out on the training base they shared with Afghan troops.

"The entire point of this visit is to assess the position that we have to take," Longuet told reporters after arriving in Kabul to make recommendations to President Nicolas Sarkozy on the future of the deployment.

The French role in the US-led NATO mission is unpopular at home and Friday's killings come less than 100 days before presidential elections.

Longuet appeared to distance himself slightly from the prospect of an immediate withdrawal, saying: "The mission remains exactly the same, to bring about a stable force" and "to handover" to the Afghans.

"We must reflect in order to support a mission that is a success."

France is one of the largest contributors to the 130,000-strong US-led NATO force fighting the Taliban and training Afghan soldiers to take responsibility for security by the end of 2014 when foreign troops are scheduled to withdraw.

Longuet refused to be drawn about the possibility of an early withdrawal, saying only: "I'll talk about that with the president, he's my only boss."

Friday's attack was the second time in a month that French troops were shot dead by a man in Afghan army uniform, bringing the country's overall death toll to 82 since troops deployed in 2001.

Longuet held talks with General Jean-Pierre Palasset, the French commander on the ground at their main base in eastern Afghanistan, and was then due to meet General Nazar, commander of the 3rd Afghan army brigade.

On Sunday, the French minister will meet Afghan President Hamid Karzai, the Afghan defence and interior ministers, US commander General John Allen and other senior commanders in the International Security Assistance Force.

The minister is to brief Sarkozy on steps being taken by the Afghans to guarantee security conditions for the French trainers.

The French force is to be reduced to 3,000 by late 2012, with 200 due to leave in March. All NATO combat troops are due to leave by the end of 2014.

Sunday, January 22, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Four civilians were martyred in a mine blast in Helmand province. 
According to interior ministry press office, an anti-vehicle mine was placed by terrorists in Lashkari Bazaar area, Lashkarga city center of Helmand province and exploded while passing a vehicle, in which four passengers of the vehicle were martyred and two others have been injured. 
Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Sunday, January 22, 2012
Kapisa (BNA) Two children were martyred and 3 others were wounded in Kapisa province yesterday. 
According to BNA, this event taken place in explosion of warhead shell in Sofi area belongs to the center of Kapsa province.
Eyewitnesses said that this warhead shell existed previously in garbage.  
According to them, the explosion occurred when the children were burned the garbage. 
Dr. Abdullah Nasart head of Aheed Abdul Saboor Farid hospital said that in this event, two children were martyred and three others have been wounded. 
According to Dr. Nasrat, the health conditions of the injured children are satisfactory. 
Translated by Suraya-Yarzada