21 August 2017

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Jalalabad (BNA) East parts of the country once again are witness of Pakistani forces rocket attacks.
According to reports, about 36 rockets fired by Pakistani forces from other side of Durand Line on parts of Nangarhar province, but had no human losses.
Ataullah Khogyani spokesman for Nangarhar governor told BNA, the rockets were fired by Pakistani forces from other side of Durand Line on parts of Nangarhar province.
He said, tens residents of the regions were forced to leave their homes.
The rocket attacks of these forces started 5 years ago and still continues.
T. Yarzada

Saturday August 19, 2017
Qalat City (BNA) As many as 10 insurgents lost their lives due to two air attacks led by Afghan air forces in southwestern Zabul province yesterday.
Ghulam Jailani Farahi security director of the province told BNA reporter, the air raids carried out by Afghan air forces in Shah Joy and Shinki district of the province, which 10 militants were killed.
The militants targeted and killed, while they were involved on terrorist activities in their hideouts.
Several heavy and light weapons belonging the terrorists have been seized by Afghan security forces.

Saturday August 19, 2017
Kunduz City (BNA) A huge military center belonging Taliban terrorist group had been devastated by Afghan security personnel in northern Kunduz province the night before last.
According to reports, Afghan Commando Forces after capturing the center destroyed it.
The huge terrorists’ center was located in Char Dara district of Kunduz province, which devastated during a special operation conducted by Afghan Commando Forces.
Ahmad Jawed Salim spokesperson of Afghan Commando Forces told BNA correspondent, several external and internal anti-government militias were killed and numerous of them have been arrested during the operation.
There are zero casualties on the parts of Afghan Commando Forces and civilians during the operation, Salim added.
It has been said, Taliban militants were led their destructive and terrorist activities from the center in different parts of Kunduz province.

Saturday August 19, 2017
Tarinkot City (BNA) Two children have died and two others were wounded following road side mine blast in southwestern Urozgan province.
Senior commander of Afghan National Army told BNA correspondent, the incident took place, while the children were busy on playing.
Taliban militants are responsible for the event and efforts has started to identify and capture the culprits of the incident, the source added.
Taliban militants with planting roadside mines in crowded areas claimed the lives of innocent civilians, particularity children and women in Afghanistan.

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