16 February 2019

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Thursday, August 23, 2012
Kabul (BNA) An explosion occurred in Khan Aqa village, Bagram district of Parwan province this morning.
Abdul Qodos Shokor district governor of Bagram and press office of Parwan security command confirmed this report.
According to BNA report, the explosion took place in the morning while a patrol of foreign forces was passing from the area.
The explosion came out from a planted mine which was controlled by remote control.
Local authorities confirmed that in this event a vehicle partially damaged but no report is on hand regarding the casualties.
According to another report, in a clash between Taliban and security forces, a Taliban commander with a Talib killed and a number of them were injured in Parwan province.
T. Rateb

Thursday, August 23, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The rocket attack by Pakistani militia continues in Kunar province as well.
According to BNA report, Pakistani militia fired more than 30 rockets from the other side of the border on Dangam district of Kunar province last night.
These rockets had no human casualties.
The forests of this district which took fire due to rocket firing of Pakistan still is burning.
Pakistani militia have fired more than 4000 rockets on different parts of Kunar province in which tens of people were martyred and injured and hundreds of residential houses have been destroyed.
Hundreds of families have been displaced due to rocket firing from the area as well.
T. Rateb

Thursday, August 23, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai paid a visit today to Zaranj city of Nimroz province to attend a mourning ceremony where he could condole with the families of the victims of the recent terrorist attacks.
Following his arrival at the city, President Karzai and his accompanying delegation participated at the memorial event attended by the families of the victims and a number of elders from the province.
The event was opened by recitation of Quranic verses and prayer by Mawlavi Baloch for the souls of the victims who lost their lives in the recent attacks.
Abdul Karim Brahvi, Nimroz Governor then thanked the President for his sympathetic condolences and briefed him on the tragedy in which a number of our innocent fellow countrymen including children and women have been killed and wounded.
Governor Brahvi also shared with the President various problems of Nimroz people including shortage of roads, hospitals and lack of potable water, calling for expedition of Kamal Khan Dam Project.
Expressing his condolences and sympathies, President Karzai said, “I have come here to offer my condolences and share your pain and grief, we're not talking today about reconstruction and governance, because It is Eid, I don’t know how to congratulate you [mourners] on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr because you are suffering from the pain and grief of your beloved ones that you have lost, but as we see Eid is a part of our Islamic culture and we are Muslims therefore as a Muslim I have to say Happy Eid!.”
Calling the act explicit grudge against mankind, Muslims and sacred religion of Islam, the President added, the suicide attack is animosity against Almighty Allah as well as poor and oppressed people of Afghanistan.
The President asked, “Who is someone that comes under the disguise of Islam and by committing suicide attacks and exploding bombs, tears into pieces a hardworking child of one year who is the breadwinner of his family, to the extent that his family cannot not find recognizable pieces of his body- it is definitely clear brutality and enmity against Almighty Allah and his creatures.
President Karzai recalled that he found out about the tragedy while attending the Summit organized by Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC) in Saudi Arabia and then prayed to merciful Allah in Baitullah Sharif (the holy house of God) to end oppression and violence by the cruel criminals against the people of Afghanistan and rid the country of these problems.
The President noted in his in his remarks to the families of the victims, “We cannot alleviate your pain and grief but we can make your life better and peaceful within our means.”
President Karzai called on the Taliban, “If you and your leaders did not commit this massacre and enemies of Afghanistan have perpetrated this crime but it is done in your name, then you should raise your voice and say that you have not done so.”
The President added, “Those whom you have killed, are neither from any other country nor had they any property or money , they were only poor children who were hand-selling food snacks under the hot sun and a weather of 48 degrees temperature in order to win bread for their families. Why did you kill them? The suicide attacker who did this and others behind the heinous act, are definitely not Muslims but enemies of Islam, Almighty Allah and his creatures.
A number of Nimroz residents who were wounded in the recent attacks, shared with the President their problems.
Subsequently, President Karzai closely spoke with elders of Nimroz province and heard their problems.
At the end of the meeting, some amounts of cash were also given to the families of the victims.
The President was accompanied on this visit by Ghulam Jelani Popal, Mawlavi Mahiuddin Baloch Nimroz representative in the National Assembly of Afghanistan, Abdul Karim Khuram Presidential Chief of Staff, Sadeq Modaber Director General of the Office of Administrative Affairs & Council of Ministers Secretariat, Abdul Rahman Rahman MoI Deputy Minister of Security Affairs, Aimal Faizi Presidential Spokesperson and a number of other senior government officials.

Thursday, August 23, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai assembled his national security team this morning for an extraordinary meeting to talk about the efforts and attempts by foreign spy agencies to undermine the Afghan security institutions.
The meeting heard briefings by the Ministries of Interior and Defense on the measures being taken to contain and prevent the malicious foreign infiltration into Afghan force ranks.
The President directed the relevant authorities to redouble efforts and take extra measures in adding institutional strength to National Army, Police and NDS to better respond to the conspiracies continually hatched throughout the past three decades to disrupt the goal of having a strong Afghanistan and building a capable Afghan force.
The meeting also discussed and termed as to no avail the recent destructive enemy designs perpetrated by individuals in Afghan army and police uniform to hurt a process that aims to train a professional and capable Afghan force.