22 July 2019

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Ghazni (BNA) The local authorities of Ghazni province reported from killing of a local commander of Taliban in a military operation. 
Mullah Saifullah was organizer of terrorist attacks and targeted by Afghan and NATO forces and lost his lives. 
Zarawar Zahid in charge of police of Ghazni in a contact with BNA confirmed killing of Mullah Saifullah and said he handed in most insecurities in different parts of that province. 
Meanwhile, NATO press statement confirmed killing of this commander. 
According to NATO, Mullah Saifullah had committed leadership of Taliban explosion attacks in different parts of Ghazni province. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Three narcotic smugglers arrested in two separate operations in Kabul and Herat provinces yesterday. 
According to interior ministry press office, a person who wanted to smuggle 40 kg of heroin from vicinities of Chouk Arghani of Paghman to Kabul, was arrested by police personnel of Kabul. 
Meanwhile, the police personnel of Herat province arrested two persons on charges of smuggling 80 kg of narcotic. 
The arrested men placed the narcotic in a corolla car and wanted to smuggle it from Chalez area, Ghoryan district aboard the country, were arrested with a Kalashnikov by police. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Wednesday November 21, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The spokesperson of defense Ministry has said that the casualties of the national army in the first seven months of this year has reached 830 persons and compared to the last indicated a one percent increase.
He added that the issue of transition of security responsibility is a priority of the ministry and the third phase of the transition will end soon.
As a result 75% of the Afghan population would be covered.
The areas where transition of security is implemented have better security condition.
Last year, he added that 80% of operations were organized and planned under the leadership and cooperation of national army of Afghanistan.
The national army and the Afghan security forces are prepared to undertake security responsibility till the end of 2013.
He added that there will be no security threats after 2014 and that all security will be ensured by the Afghan security forces.
He stressed that till time the security forces of the country will reach up to 350,000 and we have adequate equipment, facilities and training for ensuring security in the country.
The problem in respect to the air forces, heavy arms and others is related to the domestic security.
We are engaged with the international community for meeting our shortcomings in areas of equipment and till 2014 we shall attain better combat abilities and more equipment.
The international community has pledged provision of USD 4.1 aid to Afghanistan after 2014 at the Chicago conference.
Most importantly, the people of Afghanistan are supporting the security forces of Afghanistan especially the national army, so there is no concern in this respect.
The opposition has been sustained heavy blows and their pillars have been badly damaged losing the ability to face the national army and they are merely focusing on explosions and suicide attacks.
For this very reason efforts are made for disruption of security in insecure and less populated regions.
The enemies exerted efforts in the past months to bring under controls the regions like Kandahar, Helmand and other such regions but they failed to achieve their attempts.
General Azimi added that the security situation of the past three months of 1390 indicates 13% of improvements.
Currently 17 independent operation led by the Afghan army are in progress in the country.
The number of martyrs of the national army in the past 7 months is 830 indicating a daily loss of 3.7%.
The number of martyrs in the 7 months of 1390 was 568 indicated daily loss of 2.7% and current year’s casualties indicates 1% increase.
He noted that almost 85% of casualties of the national army of street mine explosions.
He noted that the minister of defense is engaged in assessing his work priorities and undoubtedly upgrading the leadership capacities, improving of professional quality, struggle against corruption and creation of transparency are some of the priorities that will be announced in the near future.
A commission composed of the generals are assessing the capacities of the commanders set the levels of army corpses, battalions and units and efforts are going on to bring about basic changes for increasing the abilities of the national army.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Kabul (BNA) As many as 8 criminal individuals had been executed after they were proved to commit intentional murder, the secretariat of the administrative affairs office said Tuesday.
According to the Supreme Court resolution, based on the article 129 of the constitution, the eight were blamed of intentional murder of innocent people including women and children as President Karzai issued a decree to trail them and put them into execution, the office said.
The executed individuals had been included a man murdered his mother in-law along with two of her children, after tightening their throat using his shoe lace, according to the sources.
Another one was blamed of killing four French troops in Kapisa province, where the French troops had mostly been deployed against the government armed oppositions.
One of the executed men was accused of theft and murdering a woman inside her house, the sources said adding the decision had been taken based on the holy Islamic religion and tantamount to the constitution of the country.
The independent Human Rights Commission (IHRC) also announced it respected the decision taken by the government of Afghanistan, to trail the culprits and punish them.