24 September 2018

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Saturday, December 17, 2011
Kabul (BNA) Mine explosion in Helmand province killed six civilians when a vehicle hit a roadside mine in Haiderabad area, Gerishk district, southern Helmand province. 
The victims included children and women. 
According to another report, as a result of an explosion in Sangeen district of Helmand two police and three civilians were wounded. 
The explosives had been placed in a motorbike. 
The perpetrators of this incident have been arrested by the police.

Thursday, December 15th, 2011 Kabul.

The security personnel of afghan and Coalition forces have killed eight armed Taliban and captured twenty two others in several operation of the country last day.

The press office of the ministry interior affairs said to BIA. This operation was took place in the surrounding areas of Badakhshan, Kandahar, Helmand, Nemrouz and Khost provinces. The source said in this operation some quantity of heavy and light arms including 13 Kalashnikovs, 3 Pk maschine gun, 2 communication sets, 2 boxes of PK shells, 2 rockets, 6 different types of arm, 36 kg explosive device and one motorcycle was handed by the national police personnel. According to and other report,  the national police personnel have discovered and naturalized 15 mines, 3 boxes of PK maschine gun, shells and Zikoone was planted by the armed oppositions for the terrorist and destructive activities in Logar, Jouzjan and Kandahar provinces.


Thursday, December 15th, 2011 Kabul.

Two hundred and sixty four youths after the graduated from the military center of Sayed Abad district, Maidan-Wardak province jointed to the police forces.

This youth were educated by the Afghan Trainers, Romaine, Cheeky and American. Mohammad Halim Fedaee governor of Maidan-Wardak said the jointed of these educated youths with the police will be positive effectual in the security situation of this province. The governor of Maidan-Wardak talked with the journalists of BIA, expressed hoped that this center has established new and in the feature time can do by the cooperation of Afghan and foreign trainers hundreds of youths were train to police forces. Colonel Jalauddin commander of education military center of Sayed Abad said that one thousand and eight hundred youths voluntary were registered for the education in this military center were established in Sayed Abad district six months last with financial assistance of United States of America and this is the first round education of this center.

Brussels,( BNA)– Today, Gen Sher Mohammed Karimi, Chief of the General Staff of the Afghan Armed Forces, met with the NATO Military Committee in ISAF format to discuss Afghanistan. Discussions focussed particularly on the development of the Afghan National Army and the training and education capabilities of the Afghan Training Command and Educational Institutions.

LtGen Walter Gaskin, Acting Chairman of NATO’s Military Committee, recalled the outcome of the Bonn Conference (5 Dec.) and the meeting of the NATO Foreign Ministers (7 Dec) as demonstration of the International Community’s commitment to Afghanistan. In his opening remarks, he praised the progress made so far by the Afghan National Army and reaffirmed the need to continue to support Afghanistan throughout the transition process and beyond. In the framework of the Enduring Partnership, a key milestone will be the package of concrete assistance measures to be agreed at NATO’s next Summit in Chicago in May 2012.

In a spirit of reciprocal trust and appreciation, Gen Karimi expressed his gratitude towards NATO efforts in Afghanistan. He emphasized the improvements achieved by the Afghan military, particularly in the fields of education, gender and training. Thanking NATO’s Allies and Partners, he assured the Military Committee that the valuable support given by their nations is most appreciated and that their sacrifice will not be wasted. Indeed, this is a solid base on which to build stability for the Afghan population and for the wider region.