22 January 2020

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Wednesday August 7, 2013
Kabul (BNA) As a result of bomb explosion, a child killed and two others wounded in Jalalabad city, Nangarhar province yesterday.
The explosion occurred at 11:00 am when several soldiers and civilians gathering in a checkpoint in Jalalabad city.
Ahmad Zeya Abdulzai, spokesperson of Nangarhar governor said, in the incident a child was killed, a civilian with a policeman wounded and a police vehicle damaged.
Abdulzai accused armed oppositions for the incident and said security forces are seeking to identify the suspects.
Meanwhile, doctors in the civil hospital said the health condition of an injured is critical.
Recently Jalalabad city has been the target of terrorist attacks.
The suicide attack on Indian Consulate, attempt to the live of a prosecutor and at least three others incidents, indicate the increase of terrorist activities in that city.
The incidents have claimed the lives and wounding tens of civilians including women and children.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai strongly condemned the terrorist attack in Kandahar in which some innocent people were killed and wounded.
According to a report, yesterday morning in Bagh-e-Pul of Kandahar city a planted bomb exploded as a result of which four civilians were killed and 22 others wounded.
President Karzai said that targeting civilians in the month of Ramadan is against all accepted human and Islamic norms and this is enmity with Islam and those resorting to such acts are enemies of Islam.
He conveyed his deep sympathies with the victims of this incident and wished patience for the bereaved families and early recovery for the wounded of the incident.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013
Jalalabad (BNA) A terrorist incident was prevented by Afghan security forces in Jalalabad city yesterday.
Colonel Hazrat Hosain Mashriqiwal, press in charge of Nangarhar police said BNA; armed Taliban had planted a quantity of explosive materials in Qasaba residential area belonged to 4th precinct of Jalalabad city,
Discovered by security forces and defused by police officials of Nangarhar security command.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Two mine planters were killed in explosion of their own mine in Urozgan province the day before yesterday.
Defense Ministry’s Press Office said two mine planters who wanted to plant an anti-vehicle mine in the surrounding areas of Khas Urozgan district of Urozgan province, the mine exploded and killed them.