22 September 2018

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Kabul (BNA) In a meeting held between Minister of National Defense and the commander of the US forces in Europe General Hardon at the headquarters of national defense ministry, both sides discussed on security situation in Afghanistan and transition of security responsibilities.  
The ministry spokesman in the connection said that the defense minister lauded the useful activities of those countries that are struggling against terrorism in Afghanistan and said that equipping of national army with standardized weapons is the way of success to maintenance of peace and repulsing of enemies attacks in Afghanistan. 
Confirming General Wardak’s assertions General Hardon assured from continuation of his countries cooperation in the fields of education, equipping and development of national army for leading independently activities in counterterrorism.

Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai has strongly condemned the road bombing that killed and injured a number of innocent civilians in Sangin district of Helmand Province.
Reports show that a van packed with civilians hit an enemy-planted improvised roadside bomb while it was on its way to the district, killing 19 including five children and seven women and injuring another five.
Condemning the bombing in the strongest possible terms, President Karzai said that placing bombs on the roads used for public commuting demonstrates the enemy’s cruel nature to deliberately target people. The incident left many families mourning their close and dear ones.
The President stated that the perpetrators of this ruthless act directed against Islam and humanity will definitely be held accountable in the hereafter.
Immediately after returning from a hospital to visit those injured including children in yesterday’s attack on a Shiat shrine in Kabul, the President said, “the children lying injured on hospital beds represent the suffering and pain of those innocent kids who were hurt in another terrorist attack today in Helmand.”
President Karzai has instructed Provincial governor Gulab Mangal to condole with the families of the victims and put to use all possible resources for a proper medical care for the injured.
Deeply saddened by the casualties, the President expressed his heartfelt condolences to the mourning families of the victims and prayed for a rapid recovery of the wounded.

President Karzai:
In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate.
Today, I visited the mourners injured on the day of Ashura in an attack by a terrorist and enemy of humanity who targeted our holiest religious day killing and injuring many innocent people including women and children. I came to the hospital to visit the injured.
This hospital has admitted many children injured in the past day’s attack that includes as young a boy as one and half and girls of three to four years, and mothers and fathers.
The responsibility for this attack hostile to mankind and Islam was claimed by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi based in Pakistan. We will investigate the incident and will rigorously follow it up. We will talk with Pakistan government on this. It is clear that the act was directed against humanity, Islam and of course against the Afghans. Targeting children on the day of Ashura is a clear enmity with the mankind as a whole.
The attack to target Afghans in Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif is a clear expression of enmity with the people of Afghanistan. This declaration of enmity against the people of Afghanistan and Islam was made by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.
May Allah, the Almighty, bless the injured with a quick recovery. Although a country with deep sufferings, Afghanistan still stands as a resilient nation that would continue to move forward. It is very unfortunate and with great sadness to visit the little injured kids.
However little, they appeared brave and glowing against the pain.
Thank you
Question: Tolo:
Thank you President President. Taliban, too, condemned the attack and the responsibility for this attack was taken by Lashkar e Jhangvi, said to have been created by the Pakistan’s Intelligence Agency, the ISI. Pakistan Interior Minister even thanked the Taliban for letting Ashura day pass safely and with no incident. And my second question is on Pakistan’s non-participation in Bonn Conference; don’t you think its decision to boycott the conference was linked to a shortcoming in a plan to improve the situation in Afghanistan? And how confident are you over the outcomes of the Bonn Conference in relation to the future of Afghanistan and of the international cooperation?
Answer: President Karzai
The claim of responsibility by Lashkar e Jhangvi, resident in Pakistan and from where they operate, is a claim by the same organization that was involved in Mumbai attacks a few years ago and the one that similarly targeted a very holy religious day in our country.
Undoubtedly, it is an attack against Afghanistan and its people as well as against the great religion of Islam. The issue will definitely be raised with Pakistan government. This claim of responsibility came out on the international media and is of critical importance to us. Seeing our children on beds in the Emergency hospital with parts of their body missing, and their sisters and brothers and family members lost in the incident is heartbreaking. Afghanistan takes this very seriously; it is the issue of the life of the people which we will fully follow up with Pakistan.
On the question of Pakistan’s absence in Bonn Conference, it would have been better and was for the good of Pakistan to attend. Afghanistan lost nothing, about 102 countries and international organizations were present there, and all stood behind Afghanistan and its march towards the next decade. As a neighbor of ours, it would have been good for Pakistan to attend. It was for the good of Pakistan itself. We lost nothing.
Question: Radio free liberty:
On the deplorable unprecedented attacks the other day in Kabul and claim of its responsibility by Lashkar e Jhangvi, you said you wanted a prosecution of the perpetrators, how confident are you of Pakistan’s cooperation in this?
Answer: President Karzai
This is the first time that an attack of this nature targets a religious procession in Afghanistan. Afghanistan was absolutely safe from such attacks in the past and did not experience anything as such throughout these years. Even during the terrorist rule of the country, these processions were safe.
It was Lashkar e Jhangvi that took responsibility for the attacks and is based in Pakistan. The government of Afghanistan will therefore with all strength and international backing fully investigate the incident. We cannot let go and ignore the blood of our children. Afghanistan would definitely examine this with all the strength.

Kabul (BNA) Police of 101 zone of Kabul discovered a BM-1 shell from vicinities of Kabul province yesterday. 
The police of 101 zone press office said to BNA, the BM-1 shell was placed by armed opposition for firing on Qara Bagh district was defused by police. 
Meanwhile, police discovered and defused an anti-vehicle mine which was placed by armed Taliban in the outskirts of Khak Jabar district of Kabul province. 
Translated by Suraya-Yarzada