15 September 2019

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan biggest private air aviation company Kam Air had rejected the allegation against it, asking for presenting evidences if available with the US officials, or it would raise the issue to justice and judiciary.
The allegation was shipment of large amount of drugs from Afghanistan that according to the NATO forces had been evacuated in Dushanbe, the capital of neighboring Tajikistan.
Zamari Kamgar said he was ready to accept any evidence, if NATO forces present or the case would be referred to the justice and judiciary, asking the presidential office to cooperate with him to settle the issue and ask his foreign partners to remove the inaccurate assertions.
The Afghan chamber of commerce and industries had also rejected the report as groundless and said the security officials have full control of the airport and would never allow any of the crew or passengers to illegally transfer any objects.
Khan Jan Alokozai, deputy chamber of commerce and industries also rejecting the allegation said the Kabul international airport are fully taken security responsibility from the police and NDS personnel, with no need for the private sector the airfield.
Meanwhile, head of the airport and border police also reject the allegation as baseless, as Yqub Rassouli said not only Kam Air Company, but all of those groups aimed at smuggling an illegal object would not be allowed to use the international airfield.
Spokesman for the ministry of transport, Nangyalay Qalatwal also said the issue should be taken to the government related organs, a move reflect its main target to settle similar disputes, if the NATO and US embassies failed to present no proof. 
Accusation of the Kam Air Airline for loading drugs to the neighboring Tajikistan was part of the events aimed at invalidating the country’s air aviation companies, with sometimes both Arianna Airline and Kam Air are being facing cases in the United Arab Emirates and sometimes, while in some cases, they are being blacklisted by different countries. 
The ministry of transport should step up to rehabilitate the prestige of the country’s air aviation.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Nangarhar (BNA)  A parliamentarian Fereshta Anwari from Nangarhar province escaped unhurt but one of his bodyguards injured as her vehicle came under attack of the armed men in Tangi Abrisham area on Kabul-Jalalabad highway yesterday evening, an highway police officer Mohammad Wali said.
According to lawmaker Anwari, the firefight lasted for half an hour during which one of her bodyguards received injuries and police reached to rescue. 
Anwari’s husband was also killed in similar attack previously.

Monday, January 28, 2013
Lashkarga (BNA) 12 armed Taliban insurgents were killed and 4 others wounded in operation by security forces in Helmand province. 
Omar Jan Haqmal police chief of Nadali district said to BNA, the operation conducted by national police, and public order unit in several regions of Nadali and Marja districts in which 12 insurgents were killed and 4 wounded. 
According to the source, during the operation the Asmat Bazaar, Dasht Maidan of Nadali and Marja districts were cleaned from Taliban. 
A quantity of arms were seized by security forces, said the source. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

Monday, January 28, 2013
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai chaired the meeting of the National Security Council which evaluated current security situation in the country, especially the security in Logar and Maidan-Wardak provinces.
The Minister of Interior and Governor of Logar presented reports on the security situation in Logar and the council heard the report of the assigned commission assessing recent losses of civilian’s lives in Dara Tangi of Sayedabad district of Maidan-Wardak.
The National Security Council did not consider the report of the assigned commission with respect to the incident in Sayedabad district of Maidan-Wardak and instructed the administration affairs department and CM secretariat to send the second commission with participation of representatives of related organs to that district.
It was also instructed that the commission prepare its findings from the area and present it to the presidential office.
The governor of Logar touching on the security problems in Logar said that in recent month’s security has improved in the province and despite the threats of the enemies of the people, stability and peace and the spirit of people’s cooperation with the government is considered better.
The National Security Council emphasized that improvement in the spirit of cooperation of people with the government is a big factor towards ensuring of security and strengthening of national sovereignty in the country, so the civil and military organs should exert more efforts towards attraction of people’s cooperation and support through better serving them.
The council also instructed the ministries of defend, interior and national security department led by local organs department to prepare a comprehensive security plan for Logar and Maidan-Wardak provinces and present it the presidential office.