20 February 2019

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Faryab (BNA)   a commander of Uzbekistan Islamic Party was detained by NATO in Faryab province today.  The identity of this commander has not clear; he has been detained in combined operation of Afghan and NATO in the outskirts of Sherintagab district of Faryab province.   According to NATO press release, this commander has been detained in special operation from his hideout.  This Uzbek Taliban commander was detained on charges of several terrorist events in the south-west of Afghanistan.  During arresting of this commander, numbers of other militias have been detained on charges of cooperation with terrorist group.  T. Suraya-Yarzada

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Herat (BNA) Local security officials in Herat say by cap- turning four armed individuals, a terrorist plot made for dismantling the New Year festival has been spoiled in the province.  According to reports, the armed terrorists planned to dismantle the festival by detonating bombs in the province.  Muhaiuddin Noori, a spokesman for Herat governor says the individuals admitted that they were commanded from other side of the border to launch terrorist attacks during the New Year festival in Herat province.  It is said light arms, roadside bombs and numerous explosives have been also seized.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kabul (BNA) US defense Secretary, Leon Panetta in a meeting with his Afghan counterpart, Gen. Abdul Raheem Wardak assured that his country would support the Afghan security forces after 2014.  In a security discussion both sides focused over the ongoing condition of the country with the spokesman for the national defense ministry, Gen. Zahir Azimi to report full preparation for taking security of their own country by the end of 2013 before the International Chicago Conference.  He said the foreign forces would change their war support into defensive and make effort on training the forces beyond the deadline based the foreign forces would leave the country.  Strongly condemning the incident took place in the southern province of Kandahar in which 16 civilians including women and children had been killed, the US defense secretary said a responsible withdrawal of the international forces from Afghanistan was a need considering the security condition of the war torn country.  He said Afghan forces would be trained and equipped by a number of his troops inside Afghanistan, after the foreign forces phase out from the country by 2014.  According to the officials for the national ministry of defense, and annual contribution of up to $4.100 billion would be pledged for the Afghan security forces in the International Chicago Conference.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan’s Defense Minister, Gen. Abdul Raheem Wardak in a meeting with his German counterpart, Tomas Dimizi discussed the third round of security transition process in the country, an official said the other day.  He said the Afghan security forces had gotten forward with the process of security transition from the international forces as they could for the first and second round in some parts of the country.  In a meeting held in the defense ministry compound, he assured that the security transition process for the third round in which the provinces of Badakhshan, Jauzjan and Sar-e-Pul are included would also be run by them properly, but the national defense minister asked for training and equipment of the Afghan security forces as required.  Meanwhile, the German defense minister assured his Afghan counterpart on his country’s lasting cooperating with Afghanistan beyond 2014.