16 July 2019

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Farah (BNA) 20 armed insurgents led by Mullah Abdul Malik were jointed to peace process in Farah province.
A source of national security dept of Farah said to BNA these insurgents previously had active against government in the outskirts of Balabalok district, have jointed to peace process with their arms. 
Mullah Abdul Malik commander of this group who is resident of Pasab village, Balablok district on behalf of his followers, have pledged to take part in ensuring of peace and reconstruction of that province.  Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Two people while planning mine were killed on Sunday with their own mine in Maiwand district of Kandahar province.
According to Zulmay Ayoubi, Kandahar governor’s spokesman two people while planting a mine in a public road in Musa area of Maiwand district were killed due to explosion of their own mine.
Ayoubi said the individuals had planted eight mines on the roadside which one of them blown while being planted.
Ayoubi added the individuals, corpses were submitted to their villagers and engineering team of Afghan security forces discovered and spoiled all the planted mines in the area.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Kabul (BNA) National security department spokesperson Lutfullah Mashal informed on arrest of a 9 member ring leader of Taliban on the Kabul highway. 
He added that the arrested person is Kalimullah native resident of Logar province and current resident of Bagrami of Kabul province who was engaged in terrorist activities on the Kabul-Logar highway against the security forces. 
He also informed of arrest of two terrorist and suicidal groups in Kunduz province that is affiliated with the Taliban group. 
These groups were taking instructions from Shah Rehman who is an organizer of terrorist and social attacks. 
The arrested are Abdul Baqi Abdul Wadoud, Khan Jan, Naqibullah, Hajji Jawid, Deen Ghulam, Rehman, Ibrahim, Shah Mohammad, Mohammad Eisa and Allauddin residents of Kunduz and Ghazni provinces who were acting at the instructions of Shah Rehman famed as Mestary Faiusal and they were carrying terrorist activities against coalition and Afghan security forces. 
Mashal also informed the media of arrest of in charge of Taliban commission in Mata Khan district of Paktia province and added that the security forces in a special action could arrest Shahsurrehman famed as Mullah native resident of Mata Khan of Paktia and currently Imam of Al-Taqwa mosque of Nauabad of 12th district known as (Aerzan Qaimat) who used to keep himself away from the eyes of security forces. 
He also noted that the personnel were able to detect hundreds of different types of arms with three persons in Nangarhar province. 
The perpetrators included Naek Mohammad, Ketab Khan and Akhtar Mohammad residents of Surkhrude of Nangarhar province who used to import hunting guns in illegal way. 
He also informed of detection of several arms depots and different types of arms in Parwan province as well which were prepared for carrying of terrorist activities in different parts of the province. 
These heavy and light arms included BM rockets, rocket launchers, 82 mm artillery, explosives and other light arms. 
Mashal also informed of joining of 8 armed opposition groups to the peace process. 
These groups make a total of 921 individuals.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Sediq Sediqi, spokesman for ministry of interior in a joint news conference with ISAF spokesman yesterday said 500 Afghan police officers are to return home after following six months training in Turkey. 
Briefing the journalists related to Afghan local police in the country the spokesman for ministry of interior said, “Local police is a part of our society and each member of the local police is selected by a village council, which later approved by the district police department. 
He said the forces are operating in remote areas where national police have little presence. 
Meanwhile, ISAF spokesperson stressed on role of Afghan local police in maintaining security and said the number of Afghan local police force will reach to 11,000 within 18 months and will operate in 57 districts, adding ISAF is helping them in technical training. 
According to ISAF spokesperson, Afghan local police as a well-equipped and trained force is operating in specific areas, but they are not authorized to detain people in their areas.  
In case of needs, they can contact the Afghan police or Afghan army to help related for arresting someone.