31 May 2020

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Friday 17 August 2012,

 Kabul, (BNA)

KABUL: Two American soldiers were killed by a member of the Afghan local police Friday in a new "green-on-blue" attack, NATO said.

The deaths take to 39 the number of international troops killed in 28 such attacks so far this year, according to NATO figures.

The attack came a week after six American troops were killed in a single day by their local colleagues


"Two US Forces-Afghanistan service members died this morning as a result of an insider threat attack in (western) Farah province," the US-led International Security Assistance Force said.

"A member of the Afghan Local Police turned his weapon against two USFOR-A service members. The attacker was shot and killed."

US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Tuesday he was "very concerned" about the rise in "insider attacks" and the impact they are having on cooperation with Afghan allies.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Kabul (BNA) a commander of Uzbekistan Islamic Party was killed by bombardment of NATO forces in Afghanistan yesterday.  Mullah Anwar was came under bombardment of NATO forces and lost his lives in the outskirts of Shakamesh district of Takhar city.  According to NATO press statement said to BNA, in this air attack, several other rebels who were work for Uzbekistan Islamic Party were killed.  It should be said that in first, military operation conducted for arresting of Mullah Anwar by Afghan and NATO forces.  According to NATO Mullah Anwar directed terrorist attacks of rebels in the vicinities of Borka and Ashkamesh district of Takhar and Baghlan provinces.  According to this statement, Mullah Anwar handed in abduction of governor and mayor of Ashkamesh district.  Governor and mayor of Ashkamesh district of Takhar province were killed in terrorist events last Sunday.  Meanwhile the police officials in the north of Afghanistan called killing of this commander useful in betterment of security of peace in Takhar and Baghlan province.   In this operation, two members of Uzbekistan Islamic Party with tens kg of explosive devices were arrested as well.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Kabul (BNA) the press sources of the national security dept said that in combined operation with national police which was conducted in the Khwja Karim area, Zaranj city, they killed a terrorist group who wanted carried out terrorist attack in the independent day in Zaranj city.  The national security dept press office said to BNA, in this operation, two suicide attackers including organizer of the mentioned group Mullah Satar and Abdulah Iranian nation were killed and three others with quantity of explosive device and 18 Passports were detained.  Also, five members of this group who were hidden in unspecific palace for disturbing of innocent people in that province with their arms and ammunition and suicide vest coats in Zaranj city were killed and injured.  They confessed to their crimes that  six month back they directed by Mullah Satadr resident of Zahidan of Iran to carry out terrorist attacks in that province, before attacks they were detained  by personnel of  national security dept.

Thursday, August 16, 2012
Kabul (BNA) At least 12 armed Taliban killed in an air attack of NATO forces in Herat province.
This air attack carried out on several hideouts of rebels in Saehwashan and Haft-Band areas of Gozar district by air forces of NATO.
Mohaideen Noor spokesman of Herat governor told BNA, the attack took place while the insurgents gathered for organizing terrorist attacks in the hideouts.
He said, in this attack four armed Taliban killed and eight others arrested.
NATO in a press statement confirmed this operation and said that in this operation the civilian had no casualties.
T. Rateb