13 October 2019

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Friday, December 23, 2011
Kabul (BNA) An armed Taliban was killed and 28 others detained by national police forces yesterday. 
The Interior Ministry press office reported to BNA during 24 last hours, the national police forces conducted combined operations by national army, national security and coalition forces in the vicinities of Kabul, Laghman and Logar provinces, in which an armed Taliban was killed and 28 others were detained. 
In these operations, a quantity of explosive device, arms which included a Kalashnikov, 24 mines, 27 Kg of explosive materials, detonators, 4 remote, a set of communication and 5 motorbikes were seized by national police forces, said the source.  
Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Friday, December 23, 2011
Kabul (BNA) The 101 police zone of Kabul seized 30 Kg of hashish from Kabul city yesterday. 
According to 101 police commandment of Kabul, the hashish was seized by police from a residential house in the outskirts of Sorrobi district. 
Two persons have been captured in connection of the case, said the source.  Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Friday, December 23, 2011
Kabul (BNA) The national police in Nangarhar province detained three persons on charges of smuggling 12 Kg of heroin in that province yesterday. 
According to interior ministry press office, these persons skillfully placed the heroin in a corolla car and wanted to transfer it abroad were captured by police. 
The case is under interrogation by police.  
Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011 Kabul.

NATO forces have discovered and naturalized two mines which were planted by armed Taliban to attack on the forces convoy.

These mines were planted along roadside in Charkh district of Logar province. According to the local people these two mines were planted last night and this morning but Deen Mohammad Derwish, spokesman of the governor of Logar said these mines had been remained in the surrounding areas of Charkh district from previous years. He said to BIA. It had been already reported that Taliban have attacked on the NATO covey with planting mines in Charkh district. NATO has said nothing about this report.