06 December 2019

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Thursday 5th April, 2012 (BIA).

Eight local police were killed in an armed Taliban attack, in Farah province today.

The incident was took place in Khake Safed district. According the reports, Taliban also took away two policemen in this attack.

According to police command in Farah province a number of armed Taliban were also killed and police have launched operation to release the two police.

A person who was providing arms and financial facilities for armed Taliban in Logar province captured by Afghan and NATO forces today.

His identity has not cleared and captured from Charkh district. NATO said he was a conductor person between rings in Pakistan and armed Taliban. According to an other report, 

A local commander of Taliban captured in Zheray district, Kandahar province, today.

The commander was conducting terrorist attacks in Zheray district.

An other report says


A commander of armed Taliban arrested in Helmand province today.

 The commander was captured In Washir district, Helmand province

in an operation of Afghan and coalition forces.

He has plan to launch attacks on Afghan and coalition forces throughout the district. The forces also detained two other insurgents as a result of this operation. Also a commander of armed Taliban was arrested in Maidan Shahre, the capital city of maidan-Wardak province today. Afghan and NATO forces captured two people on accusation of cooperation with Taliban too. BIA reported.

Wednesday 04 March 2012,

Kabul, (BNA)-

 KABUL: six international troops were killed in separate insurgency incidents in Afghanistan in the NATO-led coalition force said.

The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said  three soldier killed in Faryab Provence blast  in the north ,one service member was killed by an improvised explosive device in the south of the country, one by a similar blast in the east and one by an insurgent attack in the east.

All sex incidents happened on Tuesday and Wednesday, with the last statement released on Wednesday. They did not give further details.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Faryab (BNA) ten NATO forces were killed in a suicide attack in Faryab province this morning.  This event occurred near Municipality park of Maimana city, five civilians were martyred and 35 others have been wounded.  It is said that, women and children are including of victims and injuries of this even.  This attack occurred when a suicide bomber blew up himself near of NATO forces.  According to reports, NATO forces negotiated with local people when they were targeted by this attack.  A source of national security of Faryab said to BNA, in this event, 10 NATO soldiers who were nations of Norway were killed.  The source confirmed killing of 4civilians and injuring of 35 others.  Meanwhile, Drs of Maimana hospital said that 4 killers and 25 wounded have been transferred to this hospital.  They called health condition of 10 injured critical.  Abdul Haq Shafaq governor of Faryab in a contact with BNA confirmed killing of 4 civilians in this event but not said about the casualties of NATO forces.  NATO in a press release confirmed killing of their two soldiers in this attack.  T. Suraya-Yarzada

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