25 May 2020

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Thursday, July 19, 2012
Kabul (BAN) Two NATO soldiers were killed in Afghanistan today.
These soldiers were killed in two separate events in the east of Afghanistan.
NATO sending a press statement to BNA confirmed the death of these two soldiers but said nothing regarding their identities and the exact place of the events.
It is said that these military soldiers were killed in mine explosions.
Meanwhile, two soldiers of NATO were killed at the same event in the south and east of Afghanistan yesterday.
T. Rateb

Thursday, July 19, 2012
Kabul (BAN) In an armed clash ten Taliban killed and injured in Farah province yesterday.
This clash took place while a group of armed Taliban rushed on the Sheewan Bazaar of Balabolok district and set on fire a number of shops.
Abdul Rahman Zhwand spokesman of Farah governor told BNA, after the attack of Taliban on people’s shops, the Afghan forces clashed with the attackers which resulted to the killing of two and injuring of eight other Taliban.
He added, in this clash the Afghan forces and civilians had no casualties.
Another report said, in an armed clash in Takht Shaher Farah area seven Taliban fighters have been arrested.
These men were arrested with their light and heavy weapons from their hideout while they taking readiness for carrying out terrorist attacks on Afghan forces.
The spokesman said, the arrested men were involved in the recent terrorist attacks and mine planting in that province.
Two policemen were martyred and three others injured in these clashes, said the source.
T. Rateb

Thursday, July 19, 2012
Faryab (BAN) Explosion of a mine killed and injured 15 civilians in the northern province of Faryab this morning.
This event occurred at 6:00 am today in Kariz Qala area of that province while a vehicle of civilians faced with a planted mine.
Aqsaee police responsible of Faryab told this news agency, in this explosion seven civilians killed and eight others injured.
According to Aqsaee, women and children included among the killed and injured people.
He called Taliban responsible for mine planting in the area.
Doctors in Afghan-Turk hospital of Maimana city center of Faryab called the health condition of four injured critical.
T. Rateb

Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Three armed Taliban killed and one injured in a joint operation of Afghan and NATO forces in Cheik district of Maidan-Wardak province.
Mohammad Ismail Wafa Cheik district governor told BNA, this operation carried out last night in Breshna Band area of that district with the cooperation of NATO forces.
The Afghan and NATO forces had no casualties in this operation, said the source.
T. Rateb

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