10 July 2020

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Helmand (BNAS) NATO said that they seized narcotic hideouts of Taliban in Helmand province yesterday.  It is said that this hideout of narcotic has been discovered in a military operation of Afghan and NATO forces from outskirts of Nawzad district.  According to NATO press statement said to BNA, in this hideout 450 kg of opium were discovered.  This handout of opium has been discovered in searching operation for arresting of a local commander of Taliban.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Baghlan (BNA) the in charges of Baghlan said that in a military operation in Baghlan province they destroyed several hideouts of armed Taliban in that province.  According to these in charges, in this 4 days operation, 14 armed Taliban were killed and tens of arms were seized by Afghan forces.  This operation under the title of “Zolfeqar” conducted four days back in the outskirts of Baghlan Markazi by police forces, national security and with cooperation of NATO forces.  Asadullah Shirzad police official of Baghlan said to BNA, in this operation, 14 armed Taliban were killed, and 22 villages of fighters were destroyed.  Shirzad said nothing about casualties of Afghan and civilians in this operation. 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Urozgan (BNA) 12 armed Taliban rebels were killed in a military operation of Afghan and NATO forces in Urozgan province yesterday.  It is said that in this operation, three other fighters of them have been arrested.  This operation launched by commando faces with cooperation of national police and NATO forces in the Nawa Shali area, Khash district of Urozgan province.  Ahmadullah Popal commander of Commando forces in Urozgan said to BNA, in this operation 12 armed Taliban rebels were killed and three of them were detained.  According to him, in this operation all hideouts of armed Taliban were destroyed and tens of light and heavy arms were seized by these forces.  After this operation, the security situation in this province is normal. He  Said nothing about casualties of Afghan, NATO and civilians in this operation. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012
Paktia (BNA) Armed Taliban killed three guards of Roqyan School in Aryoob Jaji district of Paktia province.
It is said that Taliban attacked on this school three times and after abducting three guards of this school, killed them.
Azad Khan District governor of Aryoob Jaji in a contact with BNA said, Taliban threat two times the guards to close the door of school on students.
Azad Khan said, the guards of the school were residents of the area.
Meanwhile, Abdul Nasir Hemat deputy director of Paktia education department confirming the dead of two guards said, the third one has been released from the clutch e of Taliban.
According to Hemat the door of Roqyan school is open to the students currently.
He added, after killing of the guards, students and teachers of the school have been scared and are not coming to the school.
Hemat said, they are making efforts with the cooperation of elders and influential of the area to pave the ground for restarting the school.
This school has 25 km distances from the center of Aryoob Jaji district and located in a mountain area near the border with Logar province.
T. Rateb