03 July 2020

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Kabul (BNA) Helmand provincial security forces say by foiling six roadside mines in Sangeen district of the province, bloody events had been prevented. 
Reports indicate that these mines had been planted in populated areas of Sangeen district aimed at targeting the Afghan Security forces. 
The Helmand police said that of the beginning of the year till now they were able to detect and foil tens of such mines and according to them these have been planted in populated regions of the province. 
Recently the Taliban in order to target the Afghan forces are resorting to planting of mines which in most cases are killing innocent civilians.

Kabul (BNA) An explosion in Kandahar wounded five persons including two police personnel. 
Jawed Faisal head of the press of the province stated that the explosion emanated from a bomb placed in a motor bike and that Taliban have been accused in this connection. 
Doctors at the central Kandahar hospital reported the condition of a wounded as serious.

Kabul (BNA) In an explosion in Mazar-i-Sharif northern province of Afghanistan four persons were martyred and four others injured today.
BNA reported, this explosion carried out in Chowek Sidiqyar (Sidiqyar square) in which four people were martyred and four others wounded.

Kabul (BNA) In a suicide attack around 30 people martyred and 133 others injured near Abul-Fazil Shrine, Morad Khani area in Kabul today.
Dr. Sayed Kabir Amiri Head of Central Hospitals of Public Health Ministry told this news agency, around 30 dead bodies and 133 injured persons have been shifted to the Kabul hospitals.
He added, the injured persons transferred to Ebni Sena, Jamoryat, Wazir Mohammad Akber Khan, Emergency and Estiqlal hospitals.
Amiri said, a woman and two children are among the martyred.
Mohammad Zahir Head Criminal Department of 101 Asmay told reporters; in this explosion more than 30 persons were martyred.
Eyewitness told BNA reporter that a suicide attacker exploded himself among the pilgrimage doer of Abul-Fazil Shrine.
According to the doctors of the hospitals, the health conditions of some wounded persons are critical.
Meanwhile Dr. Nadira Hayet Borhani deputy minister of public health ministry said, they use all their efforts for treatment of the wounded persons of this incident.
Borhani said, around 30 martyred bodies and 133 injured persons have been shifted to the hospitals.
Translated By: Rateb Nabizada