23 September 2019

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Saturday September 21, 2019
KANDAHAR CITY (BNA) More than 19 members of Taliban terrorist group were killed and two others were wounded following a series of attacks carried out by U.S. troops in eastern Kandahar province.
The insurgents have been targeted inside their two hideouts in Arghastan district of the province last night.
Jamal Nasir spokesman of police in Kandahar told BNA correspondent, 19 Taliban fighters including their three top commanders were killed and two more were injured following the raids.
Two hideouts belonged to Taliban group along with all military equipment have been destroyed by U.S. troops, Nasir added.


Saturday September 21, 2019
JALALABAD CITY (BNA) At least eight fighters of ISIS were killed and four others were wounded during a military operation in eastern Nangarhar province.
The rebels have been targeted last night and this morning in Acheen district of the province.
Sylab army corps by sending a statement issued BNA, eight fighters of ISIS terrorist group including two Pakistani nationals were killed during the military operation.
The ISIS members were busy on organizing a series of terrorist and destructive activities in their two hideouts, the source added.
It has been said two hideouts of the group along with all military equipment have been demolished during the military operation.

Saturday September 21, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Afghan security forces by discovering and confiscating several round of mines succeeded to prevent bloodiest incidents in eastern Afghanistan.
The mines have been discovered and defused in crowded areas of Kunar, Nooristan, Laghman and Nangarhar provinces.
Senior commander of Afghan national army in the east of the country told BNA, 20 different type of mines have been discovered and neutralized by Afghan security forces in different parts of Nangarhar, Laghman, Nooristan and Kunar province.
No one was arrested accused of the foiled mine plantings, but Afghan security forces are trying to identify and capture the perpetrators of the mine plantings.
Taliban fighters are responsible of mine plantings in crowded areas and public roads of Afghanistan; the acts that causing causalities to innocent civilians.

Saturday, September 21, 2019
Pul-e-Alam (BNA) A convoy of coalition troops was targeted by a bomb in Logar province.
Shahpoor Ahmadzai spokesman for Logar security directorate told BNA, a suicide bomber using a car packed explosive targeted coalition troops convoy in Khezer region of Logar, Kabul-Gardiz highway.
A child and a woman lost their lives in the event, said Ahgmadzai.
He did not said about casualties of foreign troops, but said that a tank of the foreign forces has been destroyed.
But locals claimed that foreigners were killed in the incident.
It is said that last week, a convoy of foreign troops was hit by a car bomb in the area.
T. Yarzada

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