23 June 2018

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Monday June 18, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Taliban militants from several sides have stormed on Anar Dara district, western Farah province last night and this morning.
A senior commander of Afghan National Army in the west of the country told BNA reporter, after the attack clashes ongoing between Taliban and Afghan security forces in Anar Dara district, Farah province.
Taliban militants’ sustained heavy casualties, but the exact number is not clear yet, the source added.
By ending 3-days ceasefire of Taliban, the rebels started their attacks on Afghan security forces across the country.
Meanwhile, senior military officials say, Afghan security forces by full preparation are ready to push back any movements of Taliban militants in different parts of the country.

Monday June 18, 2018

Kabul (BNA) About 13 Taliban fighters were killed during clashes with Afghan security forces in southern Helmand province last night.
The clashes took place after ending of Taliban 3-days ceasefire when Taliban militants carried out attack on several Afghan security forces’ checkpoints in vicinity of Helmand province.
Press office of Helmand governor by releasing a statement reported that 13 Taliban militants were killed, but there is no report about probably casualties suffered to Afghan security forces during the clashes.
Meanwhile, two weapon storages belonging Taliban militants have been discovered by Afghan security forces in relevant areas of Lashkargah city the provincial capital of Helmand province.
Several heavy and light weapons have been seized from the weapon storages, a military official says.

Monday June 18, 2018

Kabul (BNA) At least seven Taliban militants were killed when they launched attack on Afghan security forces’ checkpoints in eastern Laghman province last night and this morning.
Senior commander of police in the east of the country told BNA, Taliban militants attacked on Afghan security forces’ checkpoint after their 3 days ceasefire ended in Alishing district of Laghman province, in which 7 rebels were killed and four others were wounded.
Afghan security forces were ready to react against any movements of Taliban militants after ending their ceasefire, the source added.
The senior police commander said nothing about probably casualties caused on Afghan security forces following the attack.
According to another report, Afghan security forces by discovering and confiscating six round of different types of mines succeeded to prevent a series of bloodiest incidents in various parts of Laghman province.

Sunday June 17, 2018 Herat City (BNA) Police chief of western Herat province during visit with Taliban militants emphasized on ceasefire continuation. BNA quoting from Herat police spokesman’s office, General Aminullah Amarkhail police chief of Herat went to remote part of Adraskan district of the province and meet with Taliban local commanders. Gen. Amarkhail asked from Taliban local commanders to avoid bloodsheds and continue ceasefire. The local commanders of Taliban also appreciated from President Ghani’s movement and asked from National Unity Government to pay attention on their demands. M.A.Ansari

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