28 June 2017

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Monday, June 19, 2017
Ghor (BNA)  a motorbike packed explosive was discovered in Ferozkoh city, Ghor province yesterday.
Abdul Hai Khatibi spokesman for Ghor governor told BNA, security forces discovered the motorbike in Ferozkoh city and prevented from a bloody incident.

Monday, June 19, 2017
Laghman (BNA) four civilians were martyred in explosion of a mine in Laghman province.
Sarhadi Zwak spokesman for Laghman governor told BNA, a vehicle struck with a mine, which caused martyring of four commuters.
He said, the mine was planted by Taliban.

Sunday June 18, 2017

Kabul (BNA) With high professional training, the country’s security and defense forces are fully ready to overcome terrorism and government armed oppositions, an official from the country’s defense ministry said. Deputy Spokesman of the Ministry of Defense, Gen. Mohammad Radmanesh has assured the people of Afghanistan that the country’s security and defense forces’ training and equipment were the main priorities of the ministry, and reiterated that the defense forces have been 100% equipped militarily, and provided with 90 percent clothing outfits, and in term of fuel, they were prepared with at least 95%. Meanwhile, the country’s Ulema Council has announced its support to the Afghan security forces and called them the main protectors of territorial integrity and national sovereignty, national dignity and honors. The council asked the entire Afghan people to support their security and defense forces and cooperate with them in foiling malicious plots and ensuring security nationwide.
Political and military analyst, Ali Rahmani said he believed on the country’s security and defense forces to be capable in suppressing armed oppositions in the spot, but said they need equipment. “They can suppress and defeat militants in the frontline of war and ensure security all over the country, as the enemy has lost their resistance against them,” he said adding in many restive districts and villages like southern Helmand province, the country’s security forces could defeat enemy and they have lost resistance against the brave Afghan troops. But, Afghanistan international partners should provide full cooperation in term of sophisticated military weapons and other needed facilities.
“Heavy weapons, artilleries, tanks, war-crafts, and in general a powerful air-force are a critical need of the Afghan forces,” he said. Naweed Ilham, another analyst and author also believed the government armed oppositions had no alternative except killing innocent civilians, a clear example of which witnessed in the turbulent Helmand province, as they cannot resist the government forces’ operations. In the meantime, a number of Kabul citizens said the international community and the Afghan partners should pay enough attention on equipment and training of the country’s security forces to overcome insurgency and restore security in the country. Rahmatullah and Muzhda two Kabul citizens with the same viewpoints asked the world, particularly the US to provide Afghan security forces with sufficient military equipment and sophisticated arms to defeat insurgency.
Suraya Raiszada

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Pul-e-Alam (BNA) Head of anti-criminal crime of Logar HQ was martyred in a terrorist attack in Logar province yesterday.
Salim Saleh spokesman for Logar governor confirmed the report said, Colonel Mohammad Jan Abed head of anti-criminal crime of Logar HQ was martyred by unknown gunmen and his bodyguard has been injured.
He added investigation has been started by police to arrest the suspects of the event.

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