22 January 2017

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tarinkot City (BNA) Three armed insurgents were killed and three others were wounded following special operation led by Afghan security forces in southwest Urozgan province.
Ministry of National Defense press office stated BNA, the operation under the code name of “Atil” was conducted in the framework of Shafaq 2 military operation in relevant areas of Charchino district and Tarinkot city the provincial capital of Urozgan province.
It is mentionable that 13 round of different type of mines have been discovered and defused during the operation as well, the source added.

Tuesday January 17, 2017

Kabul (BNA) In recent years, the terrorists have been using a new way for retaliation.
They have resorted to hostage taking and created horror and fear among the Afghan people. Last year, two lecturers of American University have been kidnapped by unidentified people in the capital Kabul, as well as many passengers have been kidnaped or taken hostage on highways which followed serious concerns. Recently, a new video of two American University lecturers has been released by the Taliban, asking for release. Expressing concern on releasing the video, a number of culturists and university teachers are stressing that the academic institutions must not be targeted, because, their only aim is to improve knowledge and education. A Kabul University lecturer, Saifuddin Saihoun said, ‘unfortunately, in recent years, the hostage taking phenomenon has been changed into a culture and the Taliban proved they are only capable to captivate the innocents. But they should know that this move shows their failure and weakness.’ Everyone knows that the main aim of academic places is to educate the people and they don’t have any political goal, he further said.
A private university teacher, Fariha believes that the Taliban are doing their best to show their capabilities and trying to create horror and fear among the Afghan people. But, they show know that our people have realized that they are not capable to fight the Afghan security forces and trying to revenge through other ways, she added. She asked the government to do its best in releasing American University lecturers. At the same time, in reaction with video release, the American University has vowed not to spare any effort in releasing the teachers. Likewise, David Sidney, acting chairman of the American University asked the Taliban to release the teachers at its earliest, because, they didn’t do anything against human values. Officials of the National Unity Government (NUG) have always said that protection of people was the government top priority and it was making effort to put an end to taking hostage phenomenon in the country. A number of experts said that the terrorist groups couldn’t prevent improvement of people with doing such acts, because, the universities are the places where the people can make their future bright.
A political expert, Amir Muhammad said, ‘unfortunately, beside other challenges, taking hostage has seriously concerned the people over the last years and the people are concerned how to pass the highways and commute freely.’ This is while that this year, the Taliban have taken hostage many passengers on Ghazni, Kabul and Kandahar highways, some of whom have been released by Afghan security forces and a number of them had been killed.
Suraya Raiszada

Tuesday January 17, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Pakistani has since long chanted slogans of working for peace in Afghanistan, particularly when internationally blamed for being supporting and financing militants inside its soil.
But it should do its best to honor its commitments before Afghanistan by cooperating with the process peace between the government and the armed Taliban, the rein of whom is at the hand of some circles inside its border. Pakistan should give up continuing a double policy in Afghanistan and practice what it promised at the national and international levels, stating: “Peace in Afghanistan would help ensure stability in Pakistan and in the region.” When facing international accusation over terrorism and extremism support, the Pakistani politicians repeat its past rhetoric policy that their country was the main supporter of peace and security in Afghanistan, while showing it another victim of terrorism in the region. Recently the high peace council of Afghanistan have come under blame from many authorities of the government and the people saying since the last many years of establishment of the council, nothing tangible had so far been seen to help the process get success or even convoy a green light from the government armed oppositions. Afghan people blame the HPC for failing to even secure contact with the Taliban for what they believed may help peace process get success even in part.
Apart from what should be done by Pakistan as the main militant supporter for an Afghan led peace negotiation and the Afghan government as the main terror victims, the following points should be considered, if peace was believed a possible process to end the long stalled devastating war in the country: Peace process success links directly to good governance, fighting drugs, serious campaign against corruption and creating job opportunities, if the government of Afghanistan and international community want to move forward towards a successful process. Corruption critically fuel insurgency, as media leaked that a broken out corruption all over the country’s security and defense organs could pave the way for the influence of the armed oppositions into the government organizations. The country’s intelligence and operative organizations should stand on alert to fight corruption in order the way for influencing insurgency remain closed. Corruption would also help the militants’ prisoners and criminals to release and return to their sanctuaries for restarting terrorist activities and offensives against the country’s security and defense forces. The government should also struggle to prevent poppy cultivation and drugs production in the country, as in most restive provinces, with many of the districts under the Taliban control, terrorists and the Taliban are using drugs as their financial sources.
So the international community should increase pressure on the drugs trafficking countries to refrain from purchasing drugs, the high price of which only harms the country’s poor farmers, while most of the income go to the pocket of drug mafia. Good governance would also be one of the most important factors to help trust strengthen between the people and the government, as in the absence of the key factor that the people properties are usurped, a big vacuum would create between the people and the government. Lasting peace and sustainable security would only be restored, when the aforesaid factors were implemented by the government, under direct support from the international community.

Hamidullah Faizi

Tuesday January 17, 2017

Kabul (BNA) A key member of Taliban militants was detained by Afghan security forces in northern Jawzjan province the other day.
Col. Rahmatullah Turkistani police chief of Jawzjan told BNA reporter, Mohammad Yaqub the key member of the terrorist group was involved in terrorist and destructive activities in different parts of Jawzjan province.
The key member swallowed his memory card, while identified and arrested by Afghan security forces in a security ring in Shaberghan city the provincial capital of the province.
Investigation underway from the arrested rebel.

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