28 June 2017

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Sunday June 18, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Afghan security forces claimed that Chaparhar district, eastern Nangarhar province completely cleared from existence of ISIS fighters.
Ataullah Khogyani spokesperson of Nangarhar governor said BNA reporter, chief of National Directorate Security (NDS) of Nangarhar, Head of border brigade sector of Nangarhar along with a number of security authorities have visited Chaparhar district the other day, where recently clean-up from being of ISIS loyalists.
Meanwhile, Lt. Gen. Mohammad Zaman Waziri commander of 201 Sylab army corps told BNA correspondent, 700 ISIS adherent including Hasibullah a top commander of them were killed during Hamzam military operation in Chaparhar district.
ISIS terrorist group wanted to capture Chaparhar and Pacheragam districts of Nangarhar province, which fortunately their heinous plans thwarted by Afghan security forces.

Sunday June 18, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Gen. Tariq Shah Bahrami, acting defense minister, said Saturday that Afghan security forces recaptured Tora Bora in eastern Nangarhar province. He said at least 22 Islamic State group fighters were killed and 15 others were wounded in a clearance operation.
“A major plan of the Islamic State group was to establish the Khorasan province but it has been foiled by security forces,” Bahrami said, adding ISIS’s media in charge also killed during the operation.
Bahrami said that since beginning of the year, Afghan security forces have killed 2,500 Daesh militants including some of their senior commanders in military operations in Nangarhar. In addition 800 others were wounded.
According to him, Daesh militants tried to gain a foothold in Nangarhar border districts but failed and security forces have suppressed them.
“From our point of view there is no serious concern regarding Daesh in Nangarhar province, but yet operations will continue to be conducted to fully eliminate them” Bahrami said.
He also welcomed the U.S. government decision to send an additional 4,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan, saying the decision was in consultation with the Afghan government. The mission for the new U.S. troops will be to train and advise Afghan security forces.

Sunday June 18, 2017

Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met Friday evening with personnel of the country’s defense and security forces at presidential palace.
In the meeting attended also by acting minister of defense a number of leading members of defense and security organs, Shapoor Sharifyar, representing personnel of MoD, Palwasha, representing 1.1 Asmayee Zone Command, Nazir Hussain, representing NDS and Abdul Qadir, representing general directorate of Kabul traffic department spoke and praised the country’s President for his support and attention to defense and security forces, saying that such attention and supports would result in strengthening of combat morale of the forces. Particularly they briefed the country’s President related to their organs’ security measures and work executions and assured of adopting serious measures in connection with spoiling the enemies’ plans and maintaining security of Afghan citizens. Speakers in the meeting said that enemies have failed in their operations; therefore, they were targeting civilians and religious places, promising that they were committed to annihilate the enemies with the support of the people and President.
Enumerating a range of current security challenges and problems, defense and security personnel shared their suggestions and problems with the President and their suggestions were in various sections such as installing further security checkpoints across Kabul city and insecure  areas, creating military cooperative, new division in framework of Kabul Garrison, presence of irresponsible individuals, stopping vehicles with black films and no documents, interference of politicians in appointment of military cadres, limitation of officers training courses, digitalization of Kabul traffic system, strengthening of health services, further equipment of Afghan forces, coordination of VIP guards under a particular frame, extension of license for all current ammunitions and installation of security cameras in Kabul city. After hearing defense and security personnel’s suggestions and problems, the country’s President praised defense and security forces for their bravery and sacrifices and added, “Your works in defending the country and people of Afghanistan will be written with golden letters as you have guaranteed the survival of the government and continuation of the country and I’m proud of you all”.
Addressing to defense and security personnel, President Ghani said, “You are voluntarily fighting – you had the option to work in other fields and work for a better life, but you have preferred to defend your country and give sacrifice – both the government and the nation are proud of you all”.
The country’s President stressed that Kabul overall security plan has been prepared and would be soon discussed in a people gathering so that current security challenges would be addressed, adding that an economical plan would be also prepared for Kabul. He also asserted that commando forces would increase and the structure would promote to corpse level.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Pul-e-Alam (BNA) Two armed insurgents were killed in Mohammad Agha District, Logar province last night.
Salim Saleh spokesman for Logar governor told BNA, clearing operation conducted by security forces in Dehmanka region, Mohammad Agha District, in which two armed insurgents were killed and three others were wounded.
According to Saleh, no any harm and losses sustained to security forces in the operation.

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