29 April 2017

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Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Monday approved the replacement of four corps commanders and appointments of their successors, a Presidential statement said.

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) suggested the replacements and appointments to the president for stability and better law enforcement, the statement added.

Infantry Brig. Gen. Amanullah, commander of the 207 Zafar Military Corps, was replaced to the 209 Shaheen Corps.  Promoted as lieutenant General, he replaced Maj.  Gen, Mohmand.

Maj. Gen. Mohmand, the commander of the 209 Shaheen Military Corps, has been appointed to head the cadre and personnel office of the chief of army staff.

Lt. Gen. Amanullah, commander of the 207 Zafar Military Corps, has been replaced by Brig. Gen. Mohammad Naser, commander of the 1st Brigade of 203 Thunder Military Corps.  Naser has been elevated to the rank of lieutenant-general.

Jalalabad (BNA) a series of blasts were prevented in Nangarhar province.

Security officials discovered and neutralized mines which was planted in Achen, Kot, Ghanikhail and Chaparhar districts.

Selab army corps commander told BNA, with planting of the mines, Taliban wanted to organize series of deadly events to civilians, but not succeeded to their evil goals.

He said efforts are underway to identify and arrest the culprits of the failed events.

Farah (BNA) six suicide bombers were killed by security forces in Farah province.

The bombers were targeted while planting mines in Balabalok highway and killed.

A security commander of Farah province told BNA, six suicide bombers were killed in the clash.

According to another report, the security forces succeeded to discover three weapons caches of Taliban in Farah province.

The caches have been discovered in Balabalok district and suburb of Farha city.

A security source of Farah province said the caches were kept in Taliban hideouts and several weapons were seized from the caches.

Jalalabad (BNA)  20 Daesh loyalists were killed in latest conflicts in Nangarhar province last night.

The fighters were targeted by security troops in Kot, Hasakamena and Achen districts of the province.

Ataullah Khogyani spokesman for Nangarhar governor said BNA, in the raids, 20 Daesh fighters were lost their lives.

It is said that there were no any harm and losses incurred to security troops and residents in the conflicts.

According to another report, three weapon caches of Daesh fighters were also discovered in the province.

A security source of Nangarhar province said that several heavy and light weapons and quantity of explosives were also seized from the caches.  

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