25 May 2020

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Kabul (BNA)  The Afghan people consider the crimes against the people of Koot district Nangarhar province an invasion to Afghan identity and the pains suffering the residents of Koot district as pain suffering all Afghan people and insist that Daeshes should be responded accordingly and they should be punished because of their criminal and inhumane acts.
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Koot district of Nangarhar province recently was the scene of horrible and heinous crimes committed by Daesh. The crimes that were alien to all humane values and contradicted to Islamic and traditional values, in general it was a crime against humanity. Therefore, it should take seriously and punished the perpetrators of the crimes according to the law. 
This barbaric and horrifying act of Daesh that claimed the lives of elders, children, and women and damaged the residential houses, mosques, and farmlands was nothing but a crime against humanity and animosity against Islam. Daesh like Taliban is a terrorist project misusing the name and title of Islam has the most dangerous criminals in its files and ranks.
This project is a part of programs that have designed abroad and imposed on our innocent and oppressed people. This is a clear fact that no one can deny it.
Hafiz Asaad a well-known terrorist who accused for many criminal acts in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India was the head of this notorious group so-called the Caliph of Khurasan section.
Earlier many Daesh leaders who were all Pakistani nationals killed in Afghanistan. This is undeniable event that Daesh has no place and foundation in Afghanistan but it is a project of intelligence service of the region, imposed on Afghan people and uses as a means for achieving their strategic objectives.
What is clear and evident is that Daesh has committed horrible crimes in Afghanistan and the crimes have carried out under the direct command and instruction of people who were not Afghan nationals.
At the first stage, the Afghan people ask the government and politicians of Pakistan to be responsible for their citizens and let not Pakistani terrorist shed the blood of Afghan people and destroy their homeland. In addition, it is the obligation of Afghan and Pakistan religious scholars carry out their duties as it required and let not the terrorist in disguise of Islam defame this holy religion. Taking a firm stand against terrorism and extremism, courageously defend the Islamic values.
The message of Afghan people to Daesh and other terrorist groups is clear that is we never surrender terrorism and extremism and fight them to the end. All Afghans deeply feel the pains and agonies of the residents of Koot district and very soon, the perpetrators of those barbaric crimes will be vanishing in the rage and anger of people.

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