95000 Families Displaced, Need Urgent Assistances: Presidential Palace

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Tuesday November 8, 2016

Kabul (BNA) The current fighting has displaced 95000 families across the country, if serious attention not paid on their situation the consequences would be hazardous.
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the president’s spokesman recently declared that as a result of ongoing conflicts 95000 families have been displaced. According to the president’s spokesperson among them 31% have returned to their houses, unfortunately the remaining 69 % still wandering. He talking about measures adopted by the state for helping the displaced families added 193 m Afghanis has allocated to settle their problems. Displacing 95000 families on the eve cold season cannot be just good news, but displacing a huge number of our compatriots from their homes is another evil consequence of imposed war in our county.
Now a question rises why do these displaced families accepting all problems leave their houses. The answer is clear. They leave their houses because of terrorists fear, harassing and torturing even killing by Taliban, providing food for them, using them and their residential houses as a shield and trapping in cross firing of the two sides of the conflict. These are the main reasons that force people accepting grave problems refuge to other area. If we precisely evaluate the reasons behind the migration of the families, it will become clear that Taliban are responsible for the problem, if not paid attention urgently it will become deeper and change in a fatal crisis.
Forcing people to leave their homes on the eve of winter indicates that Talban are committing war crime, because they are scarifying people to implement their programs and to achieve their evil goals. What is Taliban doing against the people is not compliant able because nobody expect this notorious group of doing good work. They are working for achieving the objectives of foreign intelligence service using every opportunity to expand the dimensions of war in the country. However, what is the obligation of the state and its relevant organs, charity organizations and generally the people regarding to these satanic deeds?  Every organ understanding its obligation should try their best for removing the current problems.
The security organs should try to remove the threats and provide the ground for displaced compatriots to return their houses safely and confidently. In this way, our security forces once again perform their humanistic and compatriotic obligations as they did earlier.      

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