19 March 2019

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Daesh Ought To Be Globally Fought, Lawmakers

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Wednesday January 11, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Recently, presence of Daesh loyalists in a number of turbulent provinces has seriously concerned the people.
But, officials of the government of Afghanistan and a number of experts believe that Daesh must be fought in cooperation with regional and world countries. Officials of the government of Afghanistan said that Daesh was a global threat and to fight against, needs joint regional and world cooperation. A number of lawmakers, political and military experts told that they are ready to fight against any terrorist groups threatening Afghanistan’s security. A political expert, Amir Mohammad said, ‘earlier, the US announced to have destroyed Daesh main headquarter in Afghanistan and the government has reported that the group has been defeated in eastern Nangarhar province.’ He added that if the regional countries, particularly Russia wants the IS group to be fully uprooted, it should cooperate with the government of Afghanistan. Another political expert, Haroun Mir believes that if the neighboring countries want to prevent activities of Daesh in their soils, they should cut relations with terrorist groups which are not only serious threats to Afghanistan, but also to all regional and the world countries. A lawmaker, Mohammad Abduh said, ‘Russia is seriously concerned that the destiny of Middle Asia is related to Central Asia.’
The experts believe that considering the recent changes on US and its allies fighting against Daesh in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, fighting Daesh has become more serious with Russia’s military interferences in Syria. Likewise, the US is making effort to play its vital role in fighting IS group and doesn’t allow that terrorism-hit countries to resort to Russia and China instead of it, the experts continued. Besides, the public minds in Afghanistan are mostly in the benefit of Russia. The experts believe that in consider with presence of US and international forces, both Afghanistan and Russia know that it is difficult to Russia to directly play role in ensuring security and fighting terrorism in the country. This is while that the current situation of Afghanistan is different with 90th decade, because the Afghan security forces are now capable enough to ensure security and fight any terrorist groups throughout the country.
Suraya Raiszada

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