19 June 2018

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Afghan Security Forces Need On-Time Equipment

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Monday March 20, 2017

Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani during telephone conversation with provincial security officials said the country’s security forces needed enough and on-time military supply, a plan he believed would help the forces succeed against enemy.
Besides asking for exact report about the security forces, under any conditions, the country’s more often holds telephone conversations with all security commanders in the center and provinces to assure them that the government leadership was alongside them and ready for support. The conversations take place, when reports reveal the Afghan security troops have no food immunity and lacked on time military supply and equipment, but they are in the frontline of war to fight terrorism and the country’s enemy. The country’s security forces are engaged in war against a coward enemy and such an ignorant group abides by no Islamic and human principles.
The country’s president has been quoted in a statement released by the presidential press office as managing telephone conversations with some security in-charges in Faryab, Kunar and some other key security officials. The officials provided him with reports about their activities and usual preparation in suppressing the enemy, but asked for on-time military supply to help them take measure against the enemy prior to face any possible offensives from the enemy. This is to be noted that the country’s security forces lacked enough military equipment and ammunition and in most security cases waiting for help from the international coalition. They would defeat and face terrorists with irreparable elimination, if they were equipped with modern and sophisticated weapons and the international community should also pay attention to the biggest challenge and provide more equipment, most importantly help powerful air-force for the Afghan forces instead of sending additional troops to fight the stubborn terrorists.
This is while, some donor countries, particularly the US are making excuse that the Afghan forces equipment and modern and sophisticated weapons would be taken by enemy in the battlefield due to their unskillfulness. But, in order to take security of the country and help restore peace, there is a need to equip domestic forces with enough and modern military equipment, as they only familiar with territories, rather to trust in the foreign with heavy strangeness to the Afghan strategic and war zones. The Afghan security institutions should also take measure to prevent unregistered sim-cards use as attack on Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan—the main military hospital was the result of communication between the attackers and ground providers through such unregistered cell phones’ Sims.
Hamidullah Faizi

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