17 July 2018

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Serious Counternarcotic Needed To End Afghan War, Brownfield

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan is a country where narcotics have caused to grow insecurity recently, the United States Assistant Secretary for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), William R. Brownfield in his recent visit to Kabul stressed that serious combat needed to end Afghan war.
“We have reached this agreement that terrorism and narcotics are connected to each other,” he further said. He added those terrorist groups who are involved in terrorist activities are those who are involved in narcotics trafficking as well.
“I have suggested to Afghan officials that this is a good opportunity in which Kabul and Washington to evaluate their strategies on counternarcotic so a firm will is created on uprooting poppy fields,” he went on to say.
Calling the Afghan security forces efforts effective on counternarcotic, Brownfield stressed on coordination between the government of Afghanistan and international community’s strategies on counternarcotic.
At the same time, officials of Afghanistan’s ministry for counternarcotic said, “The government of Afghanistan won’t reach a reasonable result unless the regional countries don’t honestly cooperate in fighting drugs.”
Accusing the neighboring and regional countries in non-cooperation in counternarcotic, the country’s political experts and citizens told The Kabul Times they want the US to consult about its new strategy with the government of Afghanistan.
A political expert, Mohammad Modaqiq said, “Afghanistan’s fight would go in vain unless the international community is committed in counternarcotic, because this country is the only victim of drugs.”
Another expert, Ali Rahmani believes that poppy cultivation, existence of narcotics’ addicts, lack of commitments by the neighboring and regional countries are the main challenges behind counternarcotic in Afghanistan.
He added the government of Afghanistan is not lonely capable to fight narcotics, and international community cooperation is a must in the respect.
At the same time, expressing concern over rise in poppy cultivation and producing, a number of countrymen believe that the international community should take Afghanistan’s counternarcotic serious, because the malicious phenomena have damaged the lives of thousands of youth throughout the country.
A private university student, Hamidullah said, “However, the government of Afghanistan has done much to uproot narcotics, but the efforts have not followed with positive resultAAs. Thus, to overcome the challenge, the international community should cooperate with Afghanistan.”
This is while that over the last fifteen years, despite much effort, still Afghanistan is among the largest opium suppliers of the world.
Suraya Raiszada

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