17 July 2018

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Suicide Vests Explosion Among Taliban

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Sunday August 13, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Local authorities in Farah province say nearly 30 Taliban have been killed due to the explosion of their own suicide vests.
The incident occurred among Taliban when they had gathered for designing an operation in Paywa Pisawo area Bala balook district of      Farrah province. There were some suicide attackers in the gathering who wanted to know about their mission or the target of their attacks, the suicide vest they were carrying abruptly exploded killed more than 32 Taliban including their several local commanders. Local Farrah authorities have confirmed the incident. Although the spokesman of Taliban has said nothing about the incident so far, but local Taliban commanders trying to show the incident as an accidental incident, while, some sources including a number of local commander of the group consider is an earlier planed program which show the deep differences among Taliban, even they spare no any effort for killing each other.
What has happened in Bala balook was not the first incident of its kind. Sometimes ago, a group of Taliban ambushed along the way of rival group, the group captured persecuted them in name of IS militants.
Fighting between pro Mullah Rasool militants and Taliban under the leadership of Mullah Hebatullah the leader of Taliban has put in severe danger the life of people in Harat, Ghore , Farrah  and some other provinces.
About two years ago, Taliban militants including their several commanders were killed in a similar incident in Ghazni province. The difference was that in Ghazni during a meeting a commander of Taliban came against the instructions of a Panjabi commander of Taliban, exploding his suicide vest killed himself and a number of the group’s member. The incidents that mentioned above clearly show the depths’ of difference among Taliban, no one can ignore it.
The program of countries that established Taliban is to establish an alternative to Taliban. For reaching this aim the established IS. Creating differences among Taliban in reality is removing Taliban from the scene. Pakistan intelligence service and some Arabic countries are supporting to achieve that aim.
Abdul Khalil Minawi

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