21 November 2018

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Terrorist Attack On Shamshad TV Widely Condemned

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Saturday, November 11, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Terrorist attack on Shamshad Television has been the second attack on media during the current year in Afghanistan.
The attack has been faced with various reactions of media officials and political leaders.
Media activists have considered the attack on Shamshad TV Network as war crime, saying that the attack has shown that terrorists not abided by any rules and principles.
Abdul Mujeeb Khelwatgar, Chief Executive of Nai-Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan has said that attack of the country’s enemies has shown that they did not respect any rules and principles, adding that the attack has also shown that no journalists were even safe inside of media building.
He stressed that relevant officials should share security and intelligence information in case there were allowed to do so with media officials so media organizations could at least lock down and let their employees stay safe at their home, adding that relevant security officials had neglected and not shared the information with the media organization although it had been possible to do so before the attack.
Members of Afghanistan Senate have also considered the attack on Shamshad TV Channel as war crime. Mohammad Alam Ezedyar, Senate’s Deputy Chief said, “We condemn terrorist attack on the private TV channel. It is attack on voice of the people of Afghanistan – attack on speech freedom and the civilians’ people of the country.”
Meanwhile, the US embassy Charge D’ affairs Hugo Lorense, NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg and Amnesty International have also condemned the terrorist attack on Shamshad TV.
The US embassy Charge’ d’Affairs Hugo Lorense said that he had been deeply saddened over attack on Shamshad TV channel and he strongly condemned such terrorist attack on freedom of speech.
Terrorists want to terrorize the people and make them scare, lose their courage and resistance and finally surrender. Therefore, terrorist groups conduct the most cowardly and brutally act on civilians to terrorize them.
Today terrorists indifferently target innocent people and destroy economic and cultural infrastructures in Afghanistan. All terrorist groups are thinking of destruction of our country and killing of innocent people; therefore, resistance against these groups is not only the duty of the government but the duty of the people who should stand against terrorists and spoil all plots and vicious intentions of them.
Defeating of terrorists in Afghanistan needs a serious and national determination. We should be alert and fight the enemies in all fronts as media and propaganda is one of the most significant parts of fighting against the enemies. On the other hand, serious will and determination of all the people in fight against terrorism and extremism is also needed and important.
It has been the second complex and suicide attack in Kabul during the past one week. IS-K or Daesh has claimed responsibility for both attacks. Taliban group has rejected soon after the attack happened. Afghanistan is the most dangerous country for journalists as last year was the most deadly year for journalists. According to Afghanistan Journalists Safety Committee, last year 13 journalists were killed in Afghanistan where Taliban insurgents were responsible for killing 10 of them.
Lailuma Noori

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