20 October 2018

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India Makes Soldiers Out Of Afghan Women To Fight Taliban

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Thursday December 14, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The most important aspect of Afghanistan is its location. The country is located right between the countries of erstwhile USSR, China, Pakistan and the major oil producing nations in the Middle East. Any country having its presence in Afghanistan is virtually having an eye over entire Asia. Being the largest democracy of the world and a nuclear power nation, India too must have its influence in Afghanistan.
So far, India has provided over US$2 billion in humanitarian and economic aid, making it the largest regional provider of aid for Afghanistan.
India's rebuilt their air links, power plants and invested heavily in health and education sectors as well as helping to train Afghan civil servants, diplomats and police. Indian teams were sent to Afghanistan to facilitate the same and at a later stage, 2004 onwards, the officials started coming to India for training at Mussouri, Hyderabad and Delhi. India has an important aim behind it.
Initially, after the establishment of democratic government in Afghanistan, the entire top brass of their Army, Civil Servants and Police Officers was made up of warlords, coalition fighters and senior members of various tribes. They were controlling the entire government machinery. To have a strong footprint in the Middle-East and Central Asia, it was inevitable for India to keep harmonious relations with Afghanistan.
Sizable numbers of Afghan National Army Officers are sent to be trained in India either at the Indian Military Academy in Dehradun, the National Defence Academy near Pune or the Officers Training Academy in Chennai. 
This year a group of 20 Afghan women officers from their Army and Air Force arrived at OTA Chennai for training along with Indian Army Women Cadets.
The women army cadet received a training on how to fire AK-47 rifles at the OTA. The Indian Army officers guided them through the entire training process Later in the day, the 20 cadets of the Afghan National Army trained them in ambush operations in the simulation room of OTA.
Each of the cadets came to know how many Taliban terrorists they killed while firing at them.
An extensive training session also took place on cybersecurity measures. This is just the beginning but the army officers of the Indian army believed that with some rigorous training, these women cadets will be effective in meeting cybersecurity challenges. Each of these cadets has some gruesome stories to share. They have been attacked upon while going to school.
They can't wear their uniforms.
Kabul is little better. But the villages continue to be the den of Taliban.
The women of Afghanistan, long oppressed and denied of their basic rights, are now fighting for their rights. And India is turning to be a valuable partner in this effort.

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