15 July 2020

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Taliban’s ‘Al-Khandaq’ Operation Against Afghan Innocent Muslims, Ulemas

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018
Kabul (BNA) Following declaration of Taliban’s spring operation as al-Khandaq’, Afghanistan Ulema Council says the battle of Khandaq ‘Ghazwah al-Khandaq’ at the time of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was against non-believers, but the Taliban al-Khandaq operation is against the Afghan innocent people and Muslims.
“Taliban want to defame Islam by conducting their spring operation and launching terrorist attacks, but they should know that their spring operation is against the people of Afghanistan including women, children and elders; thus, the operation is in fact against Islam and Muslims,” said Qayamuddin Kashaf, head of Afghanistan Ulema Council.
The council says any suicide attack and operation conducted by armed opponent group are in fact against Islam and Muslims as killing of innocent people in particular women and children are not acceptable and against Islamic Sharia; therefore, Taliban are asked to come and join the peace process.
Abdul Malik Ziayee, advisor to chief executive on religious affairs, believes that the Taliban group wants to get reputation by targeting innocent civilians, but they should know that the battle of Khandaq at the time of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was only against non-believers.
“Taliban are conducting their al-Khandaq operation on security forces, women, children, dignitaries, journalists, holy places and schools and is unacceptable in Islam and has no differentiation to the battle of non-believers at the time of Prophet of Islam,” Ziayee said.
He added that although the Afghan government has prepared and declared a clear peace offer to the Taliban group, unfortunately the Taliban group has not responded to the peace offer of Afghanistan government, instead the group has increased its deadly attacks on Kabul and other provinces of the country, which was not acceptable.
In connection with Taliban’s al-Khandaq operation, an Afghan local religious figure Mawlavi Mohammad Omar says Taliban wants to bolster concerns among the people of Afghanistan by their propaganda and using of the name of Islam.
“Islam is the religion of peace and solidarity. If Taliban call them as real Muslim, they should stop violence and join peace process and stop to be deceived by foreigners who have used the group against their people and country for years,” Mawlavi Omar added.
Related to the Taliban’s al-Khandaq operation, acting spokesperson to ministry of defense, says the battle of al-Khandaq declared by Taliban as spring operation is only to play with words and propaganda that will only send their members to graveyard.
“Afghan National Defense and Security Forces are fully ready to foil and control the operation across the country by launching ‘Nasrat’ operation that is underway against the group in various parts of the country; moreover, the Taliban’s Khandaq operation cannot weaken our security forces’ morale,” the MoD spokesperson added
On the threshold of spring and new solar year, Afghan National Defense and Security Forces declared their spring operation as ‘Nasrat’ against armed insurgents to target their sanctuaries and key commanders as well as to maintain security for upcoming parliamentary elections.

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