Agreeing On Establishment Of Tripartite Center, Indicates That Now Pakistan Realizes The Importance Of Peace

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The solution of problems in border regions of Afghanistan with Pakistan requires adopting serious measures, and establishment of tripartite coordination center, in this end, could be a positive step ahead.
The commentator of BNA in security section writes:
Afghanistan is not only facing increasing threat, exported terrorism from abroad, but recently border tension in eastern parts of the country has added to the security problems of Afghanistan. 
The leader of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in order to rescue the country from these threats and aggressions and to create an atmosphere of trust, cooperation and peaceful coexistence in regional relations, in spite of launching protests and counter response against foreign interventions, in some parts of the country, preferred conducting political and diplomatic dialogues for the solution of the problem.
Now, there are indications that show, settling the problems via dialogue and mutual understanding is increasing.
Therefore, recently the authorities of Afghanistan, Pakistan and NATO, for settling the problems beyond the border, agreed on establishment of a new coordination center. 
This new center has been established to supervise the situation of border areas, while, earlier a tripartite commission was established by two involved countries and NATO, that gathered intelligence information and exchanging the information, made it decisions. The responsible of the affairs believe that establishing the new center can facilitate the way of conducting dialogue and mutual understanding. 
This center operates 24 hours and assesses emergency states while the meetings of the commission, determining the date of the meetings and calling the representative of the three parties, were held at same place. 
There was also, delay in holding the meetings. The relevant authorities are hopeful, establishing a center in Torkham Border, could be effective in improving the situation, because the main problem  of Afghanistan is coming in and returning of armed rebels to their sanctuaries on other side of the border which destabilize not only the border regions but also other parts of the country. 
The rebels, while crossing the border, face no any barriers or reaction of army forces stationed there. 
But what the general commander of international forces, stated indicates that establishing the center, the problems would be reduced. The media, after the meeting of this American general with chairperson of lower house of parliament quoting him has said, “any complaints of Afghanistan from interferences of Pakistan, will be presented to this center and if the insurgents be inside the Afghan soil, ISAF will take action and if ISAF informed that the rebels are trying to cross the border in to Pakistan, ISAF will   launch operation against them in coordination of Pakistani forces inside the Pakistani soil.
The politicians believe, if the center operates as the general said, there is no need for any comments. Because the extremist and rebels will understand that there are not safe on both sides of Durand Line and there is no any reason for further fighting. 
The politicians consider the establishment of the center useful for assessing and evaluating the urgent events and cases but emphasizing on honesty of the sides in practice it say, the existence such a center should not be dramatic.
The Afghan experts pointed out to Pakistan which in the past there were grave differences between its words and deeds.
This center should asses the realities and developments in border area with transparency and not be used as a means of ensuring specific interests.
We hope the establishment of this center to promote and strengthen trust in the region to remove the existing problems in the region and to create an atmosphere of trust, peace and cooperation.

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