Commander of Uzbekistan Islamic Party Killed in Afghanistan

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Kabul (BNA) a commander of Uzbekistan Islamic Party was killed by bombardment of NATO forces in Afghanistan yesterday.  Mullah Anwar was came under bombardment of NATO forces and lost his lives in the outskirts of Shakamesh district of Takhar city.  According to NATO press statement said to BNA, in this air attack, several other rebels who were work for Uzbekistan Islamic Party were killed.  It should be said that in first, military operation conducted for arresting of Mullah Anwar by Afghan and NATO forces.  According to NATO Mullah Anwar directed terrorist attacks of rebels in the vicinities of Borka and Ashkamesh district of Takhar and Baghlan provinces.  According to this statement, Mullah Anwar handed in abduction of governor and mayor of Ashkamesh district.  Governor and mayor of Ashkamesh district of Takhar province were killed in terrorist events last Sunday.  Meanwhile the police officials in the north of Afghanistan called killing of this commander useful in betterment of security of peace in Takhar and Baghlan province.   In this operation, two members of Uzbekistan Islamic Party with tens kg of explosive devices were arrested as well.

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