11 August 2020

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Taliban Recruits Children In Terror Activities, UN Reports

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Kabul (BNA) A recent UN report quoted that the insurgent Taliban had utilized children in their terror activities including suicide bombings during the previous year.
Based on the UN report, the terrorist had recruited at least eight innocent pupils to carry out suicide bombing during 2011 while another 1,300 children had been killed as result of terror attacks by the Taliban kin various regions of the country and the report also revealed the fact that these children were recruited mostly by the insurgent Taliban who pursued brain washing on them in the religious schools financially supported by extremist and fundamentalist Islamic organizations same as Tora Bora Front, Jamt Sunnat wal Dauat, Salafis, Latif Mansor terror network, Haqqani terror organization and Hezbe Islami (Islamic party) has also been accused by the UN that the party was engaged in  such activities.
The UN report came at a time after security forces of the country had arrested dozens of children who intended to conduct suicide bombing on various local dignitaries in province of Khost, Nangarhar, Kandahar and capital Kabul.
The alleged suicide bombing were belonged to tribal regions where terrorist organizations retain major influence.
Political analysts believe that dozens of religious institutions under coverage of Pakistani secret service ISI have been activated in tribal regions in that country and under the pretext of religious education, the insurgents and their ISI masterminds pursuing brainwashing process on orphan children and then sent them inside Afghanistan to commit terror attacks and several child suicide bombers had surrendered themselves to the Afghan security forces and disclosed anti human and anti Islam activities of Pakistani religious schools while in  some cases the insurgent Taliban had used the children as human shield during armed encounters when recently the terrorist handed over an mine to a seven year old girl and asked her to give it to the Afghan police personnel, when the girl reached near police check post, the insurgent Taliban exploded the explosive through remote control which resulted to killing of the girl and many of the police recruits.
Beside the upper crimes, burning of schools and deprivation of the children from education by insurgents could be a political move against the children to keep them in ignorance and use them as a source for terror activities.
The UN report also pointing towards recruitment of children among security forces of Afghanistan, a claim which Afghan security establishments have refused that none of the child were forces, but Afghan officials have asked UN to provide evidence of such cases.

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