“Afghanistan Will Become Well-off” NATO Civil Representative

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Kabul (BNA) The civil representative of NATO says that the strategic position and the immense natural resources can turn Afghanistan into a prosperous country. 
Saimon Geiss addressing the media said that the Bonn Conference has been a sign of commitments of the international community in continued cooperation to Afghanistan. 
According to him the Bonn Conference message was that the mission of the international community had started earlier shall be completed ten years after 2014. 
In case everything goes on normal in Afghanistan, this country having special strategic position and having immense natural resources will become a well-off country and all the regional countries, will also benefit of what we are striving to attain. 
On the other hand, John Allen Commander of NATO and US forces to Afghanistan warned the Taliban and its supporting circles and added that Taliban and its supporting circles should not wail for withdrawal of the foreign forces from Afghanistan as we will remain in Afghanistan for long time. 
John Allen who was speaking in Dubai once again stated that the US will remain for long time in Afghanistan and our aim to create a strong national army and police in Afghanistan. 
He stressed that there is no guarantee of repetition of the incident in Salala Post in which 22 Pakistani soldiers were killed.

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