President Karzai Asks Kunduz Governor On His Accomplishments About Recent Incidents

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Wednesday, September 05, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Karzai in his telephonic conversation with the Governor of Kunduz Mohammad Anwar Jagdalek asked him to explain about his accomplishment in respect to recent incident there.
The Kunduz Governor in the conversation told President Karzai that a commission composed of Kunduz in charges and the families of the affected has been formed so that with their cooperation the perpetrators of the civilian massacre in Gunum village of second precinct of Kunduz city are legal pursued.
Meanwhile, on the basis of the order of President Karzai a delegation led by General Mohammad Yusuf representatives of the attorney general office with the composition of representatives of the ministries of national defense, interior affairs, national security department, independent commission of local organs and two representatives of the Kunduz Governor House at the National Assembly has been formed to assess the incident.
The delegation has been assigned to convey condolences and sympathies of President Karzai to the families of the martyrs, and evaluate the status of the incident in cooperation with the Kunduz Governor, provincial council, religious scholars and elders of the area and prepare a report for the Presidential Office. 
The Kunduz Governor touching on the recent incident said that on 11th of Sunbula the armed opposition of the government had killed a person affiliated with the Qadeer irresponsible armed group and put his body at the village of Gumun in Kunduz city second precinct.
Qadeer and his irresponsible armed men following this incident, without informing the police and the in charges of Kunduz province attacked the Gumun village, killed 13 civilians and wounded another five persons. 
He added that after this incident the security forces were dispatched to the area and started an operation for arresting Qader and his men as a result of which 5 of them were arrested and the operation for apprehension of Qadeer is being continued.

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