Three Taliban Mine Planters Detain in Parwan

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Thursday August 22, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Three mine planters were arrested while they wanted to transfer a mine to Charikar city the provincial of Parwan province.
Ministry of interior press office reported BNA, police personnel by launching a military operation succeeded to detain three mine planters belonged to Taliban group who wanted to transfer a mine to Charikar city.
Meanwhile, an irresponsible armed man was arrested by Afghan security forces in Sayedkhail district of Parwan province.
The irresponsible armed man have kept explosive materials and military equipment to his home.
Also ministry of interior reported that clashes took place between Afghan police personnel and armed oppositions in Kunduz city.
Seven Taliban fighters were killed, seven wounded and some heavy and light weapons have been seized by Afghan police personnel during the clashes.


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