ISIS & Taliban Affiliates Killed in Nangarhar Strikes

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Thursday, September 19, 2019
Jalalabad (BNA) Sixteen armed oppositions were killed and a number of them were injured in air and ground strikes of Afghan security forces in Nangarhar province.
The insurgents affiliated to ISIS and Taliban groups were targeted in parts of Nangarhar province.
ANA senior commander in east of the country told BNA, sixteen ISIS and Taliban terrorists groups were killed and number of them have been injured.
ANA top commander of the province said, three strongholds of the insurgents with all war equipment have been destroyed.
Another report says, a series of blasts were prevented in Nangarhar province.
Security officials discovered and defused ten mines from busy roads of the province and prevented from series of blasts.
So far, no individual or group has committed the responsibility of the failed planting mine, but local sources blamed Taliban for the incident.
T. Yarzada


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