28 May 2020

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Taliban Are the Enemies of Sciences and

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Schools in Practice
Saturday, October 19, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Since 3 months ago Taliban have closed 29 religious schools in Logar province and banned 2900 students going school.
BNA reporting the issue writes since three months ago Taliban have closed the doors of 29 schools in Logar provinces.
In those religious schools and training centers including 24 schools, three reciting the holy Quran by heart and 2 training centers with more than 2200 students, 900 of which were girls studying.
Taliban not only banned the students going to school but at same time have warned the teachers of the schools that they cannot continue their work in Logar anymore.
This satanic work of Taliban had severe reaction Logar people. They calling Taliban the enemy of science say they cannot justify their action.
Taliban with destabilizing some parts of the country have deprived millions of children from going schools and they also have burned many schools across the country,
These destructive deeds of Taliban indicate that this ignorant group is seeking to ban the children to attend school and sent them to Pakistani religious schools in order to continue recruiting militants there, because the main sources of recruiting militants are religious schools in Pakistan.
On the hand the methods of teaching in Afghanistan and Pakistan religious school are very different. Here in Afghanistan’s religious schools Islamic Sharia. Islamic moral and behaviors are taught while in Pakistan religious schools terrorism, suicide attacks and creating violence have been taught successfully as their practical works show in Afghanistan.
Now it returns to Afghan government to find a practical way for ending to end the adventures of Taliban and ensuring the security of schools and science center’s supports its youths and kids studying in schools and training centers. 

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